One of the most helpful things for a busy professional is not having to reinvent the wheel. Be that leveraging experts within your company instead of researching a topic from scratch or using the same order form your colleague developed, building on the work of others saves time and effort.

And nowhere is this more true than with email. Think about it: A large number of the emails you’re going to send in the next week, month, or year have been written and sent millions of times over by other people in similar situations.

So, in the interest of saving your precious time, I’ve penned email templates for nine common professional situations. Feel free to use, adapt, and send away!

Applying to Jobs

  1. You’ve found your dream job at a company, and lo and behold, you know someone there! Ask your contact for a referral.
  2. Hm, you’ve sent your resume into the ether, and haven’t heard back. Here’s a polite and professional follow-up email to the hiring manager.
  3. You get the interview, and you’re feeling great. Don’t forget to send a classy thank-you email to your interviewer.


  1. A great candidate comes in to your inbox, and you can’t wait to get her to come in for a first-round interview.
  2. This other candidate isn’t a fit, sadly. You’re not a monster, though, so you’d rather let him know he won’t be getting an interview.
  3. Congratulations, you’ve found the one: You’re making an offer to a candidate!


  1. You see that your contact knows someone who you think could be useful to your business, job search, or life. Here’s how to politely ask for an introduction.
  2. You’re asking a professional connection to meet someone you know. This double opt-in intro email is how to do it.
  3. Success! Your double opt-in worked, and you’re free to connect them; here’s a classic introduction email to send.

Bookmark this page, or, better yet, set up canned responses in Gmail so these messages will be ready to go when you need them. Happy, easy emailing!

Photo of email courtesy of Shutterstock.