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How to Ask for an Introduction: An Email Template

For each new person you meet, you can assume that he or she is connected to at least a few other people who would be useful in your career or job search. Sales leads. Potential recruits. People who work at your dream companies.

So, how do you ask for an introduction to those people—without being annoying?

First, figure out exactly who you want an intro to, and why. Then, use our email template to make the ask as politely as possible.


Introduction to [target name] for [1-2 words describing purpose]


Hi [name],

I hope all is well with you. As you know, I’ve been [context: looking for a new job, raising capital, working in sales at XYZ company]. I noticed that you’re connected to [target name] and was hoping that you could introduce us for [reason] if you feel comfortable doing so.

I’ve included an easy-to-copy blurb below, to provide context, but let me know if there’s any other information I can provide. I appreciate your help!

[Your name]

Pro Tips

  • Including a blurb below about you for the context of the introduction (just 1-2 lines saying who you are and why you want to be introduced) makes it super-easy for your contact to pass along your information. (And thus, more likely that he or she actually will!)
  • Be sure to be respectful of your contacts’ time and ask for only the introductions that really matter. Ask for too many too often, and you could be at risk for wearing out your welcome.

Photo courtesy of Westend61 / Getty Images.