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30 Jobs That Are Seriously in Demand for 2022

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It has been a journey, folks. But we’ve arrived at a job market so scorching it could take on a sizzling fajita platter. The number of job openings in the U.S. reached record peaks in late 2021, the highest levels to the tune of millions in at least two decades, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

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“It’s no secret that we are in a hot job market,” says Andrew Hunter, cofounder of the job search engine Adzuna, which aggregates postings from other sites. A report Adzuna released in January 2022 echoes the BLS data: The site logged more than 8.7 million vacancies in November 2021, more than double the number it saw at the beginning of the same year.

“In January 2021, employers cautiously navigated hiring needs, but by November employers had turned the taps on and were looking to take on a flood of new staff. The vaccine rollout has boosted confidence, businesses are growing, and after reevaluating their work-life goals many Americans are switching jobs,” Hunter says, describing what for months we’ve all been calling “the Great Resignation” (or “the Great Reshuffle” or one of many nicknames this wave of quits has racked up). “Now employees and job seekers are in the driver’s seat when it comes to looking for a job.”

All that’s to say that you have options. But some kinds of jobs are particularly in demand. Adzuna’s report also compared the number of vacancies by role in January and November 2021 found that some job titles saw especially dizzying growth—from warehouse workers and delivery drivers companies need to fulfill all those online orders to the recruiters that make all the other hiring possible. While the report looks back at 2021, it’s perhaps a harbinger of what 2022 might bring.

Below are the roles that saw the biggest increases in demand. You can click on each job title to search for the latest job postings on The Muse—where you can also filter your search further by perks and benefits (e.g., mentor programs, unlimited vacation, or paternity leave), leadership attributes (e.g., Black or female founded/led), company size, remote/flexible opportunities, and more to find the gig that’s right for you. Because it’s a job seeker’s market, and it’s your turn to call the shots.

1. Recruitment consultant (332.12% increase)

Companies desperately need help filling all their other open seats, so it’s no surprise that folks working in talent acquisition—whose job it is to recruit and hire everyone else—are in high demand.

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2. Customer service associate (285.65% increase)

Customer service professionals help organizations liaise with the people buying and using their products and services, from processing orders to handling complaints. And we know customers haven’t necessarily been on their best behavior through the pandemic era…

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3. Full-stack developer (141.39% increase)

Software developers have long been in demand, and the BLS projects that jobs will grow 22% between 2020 and 2030 (that’s nearly three times the average of 8% for all occupations). On top of that, burnout has run rampant among software developers during the pandemic and resignations rates in tech outpaced even those in healthcare.

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4. Project manager (135.08% increase)

Project managers help teams get things done on time and within budget, whatever those “things” may be (launching a new initiative, delivering services, etc.). Organizations across industries—from e-commerce to finance to construction—need PMs in order to achieve their goals.

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5. Medical administrative assistant (131.74% increase)

Like project managers, administrative assistants—who take on a huge range of tasks from scheduling to research to help keep teams and offices running—are needed at every type of organization and in every industry. At a time when medical facilities are under pressure, and resignations in healthcare are high, it’s hardly a shock that medical admins in particular are in high demand.

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6. Accountant (128.04% increase)

The Ben Wyatts (or should we say “Butch Count-sidy”s?) are in demand—and not just in Parks and Recreation’s fictional city of Pawnee. In a nutshell, accountants are responsible for preparing and examining financial records and can work for an accounting firm to serve different clients, for a startup or corporation, for the government, and more.

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7. Data scientist (116.32% increase)

Organizations are generating more data than they know what to do with these days, so they’re looking for the folks who can help them make sense of it all. As writer Natalie Morse, who’s a data scientist herself, puts it, folks in these roles “write code to model and answer business questions.” BLS projects employment for data scientists will grow a whopping 31% between 2020 and 2030. Oh and the average pay is $103,930.

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8. Product manager (100.33% increase)

Product managers help companies build and launch new products and features, working closely with engineers as well as other stakeholders. The “product” can be an app or piece of software, a consumer product, or even a proprietary tool or process a team uses.

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…and 22 other roles in demand for 2022

Looking for something else? Here are 22 additional roles that are booming for 2022: