We spend a lot of time giving you resume advice here at The Daily Muse. But even if you have all the basics covered, there's probably still something on your resume that could use some extra polishing and care.

This week, we've gathered some tips from around the web on quick things you can do to make your resume shine just a little bit brighter.

  • Make sure your resume is perfectly on brand(Job Jenny)
  • Learn how to tailor your resume for your field(U.S. News)
  • If one of these things are on your resume, take it off now. (Work Awesome)
  • Make sure your resume styling isn't holding you back. (MakeUseOf)
  • Double check for these deadly resume sins(The Hired Guns)
  • Use these ideas to fill any resume gaps(POPSUGAR)
  • Keep your resume from getting held back because of applicant tracking systems(Come Recommended)
  • If you want to use infographics on your resume, try one of these ideas(Careerealism)
  • Want more? Check out some of our great resume tips!

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    Updated 6/19/2020