woman emailing

For a lot of us, sending emails is second nature. You’ve got your script down, have the perfect sign-off, and know exactly how many exclamation points to use without scaring away the recipient.

But there are also times when we have to send a rather awkward, or blunt, or even kind of forward email to someone in order to achieve something. And if this isn’t second nature to you, there’s the fear of messing up or making someone very upset.

Luckily for you, we have an email template for just about everything—even the really sticky situations:

  1. In your job search, there are probably going to be three awkward moments when it comes to emails: when you need to contact someone you bother a lot, when you need to contact someone you’ve cancelled on, and when you need to contact an old colleague you never got along with (but need as a connection).

  2. And, when the hunt starts dragging on, you’re probably going to need to message someone kinda random for help.

  3. Or, maybe not so random. This “Help, find me a job!” template is one you can send to your entire network.

  4. If you’re offered a job, but the salary’s lower than expected, you are going to have to negotiate for other benefits before you accept.

  5. It’s tough to keep track of all your messages when your inbox is full. If you just found one from weeks ago that you never responded to, there’s an easy way to save your reputation and still get back to your contact.

  6. If you’ve received an email introduction and don’t think you’re the right person for the job—or you’re just too busy—it is possible to get out of it.

  7. Thank you notes can be difficult to make original and authentic—here are three helpful templates you can use throughout your career.

  8. Finally, sometimes it’s not your email that needs clarification but someone else’s—here’s the best way to answer some of the most ridiculous emails you may find in your inbox.