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27 Amazing Items You Didn’t Know Your Desk Was Missing Until Now

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I don’t know about you, but nothing makes me happier and more energized than a decorated workspace—after all, colorless walls look sad, generic office supplies bore me, and fluorescent lighting quite honestly drives me crazy.

I believe everyone deserves to have a desk, cubicle, or office that encourages them to work hard and feel great every day. If you feel like your desk’s missing that spark, you’re probably just in need of some key items.

And to make it extra easy for you, I’ve already done a bit of the shopping!

1. Money Wad Stress Toy, $3

Whenever your finances are getting you down, you can squeeze this wad of money to feel a bit wealthier.

2. Marble Post-it Notes, $10

Because who says sticky notes can’t be classy?

3. “Countdown to My Retirement” Desk Toy, $11

So you can have something to look forward to in your future (even if you love your job).

4. Zen Ball, $12

Drumming on this wooden ball can calm you down on even the most stressful days. The cheapest relaxation method ever! (Just, um, make sure your co-worker are cool with it.)

5. Rainbow USB Adapter Cable, $13

Instead of messing around with a bunch of tangled cords, charge all your devices at once.

6. On the Move Pen Set, $14

For the constantly on-the-move working girl or guy.

7. Super Magnetic Putty, $15

A new and exciting spin on play putty—and a great distraction.

8. “Llama Baby, Light My Fire” Candle Holder, $15

To add some spice to your desk candle.

9. Cork Cactus, $15

Better than a corkboard, cooler (and less painful) than a real cactus.

10. “Welcome to My Cubicle” Guest Book, $15

So you can keep track of all your favorite office encounters—and remember who said what and when.

11. Q&A a Day Journal, $17

Answer a question a day for a year (or five years), and notice how your responses change with your mood. It’s a great quick way to get into journaling if you’re a pretty busy person.

12. “Goal Digger” Journal, $18

For those who aren’t messin’ around.

13. Keeping Aglow String Lights, $18

Just because it’s no longer the holiday season doesn’t mean you can’t add some light to your office.

14. Logging Off Travel Pillow, $20

For in-office naps, better back support, or a reminder to log off every once in a while.

15. DrinkKlip, $20

If your desk is a bit cramped, here’s an easy way to store your morning cup of coffee—and avoid spillage.

16. Scented Tea Erasers, $22

You’re never too old for scented office supplies.

17. “Edward Scissors” and Holder, $23

You’re also never too old for desk supplies with cute faces and punny names.

18. Clutch Bag Letter Holder, $25

For all the people out there who like to keep it simple yet bright.

19. Notepaper Roller, $28

Taking notes has never been easier—rip ’em off as you go, or collect a (literally) long list of to-dos.

20. Bear Document Organizer, $29

Add a bit of modern aesthetic to your “bleh” organization.

21. “Let’s Talk Shop” Business Card Holder, $30

Get down to business with this cute stand.

22. Sock Monkey Dry Erase Board, $38

Let people know where you are—or go in another direction altogether and write down a new motivational quote every morning.

23. Rocky Desk Butler

For all the employees who wish they could bring their dog to work.

24. Desk Lazy Susan, $47

Find what you’re looking for fast with this spinning supply holder.

25. Didi the Piggy Bookend, $53

Prop your books up with something adorable. (Bonus: It comes in many other animal shapes.)

26. Aqueous Desk Supplies, $24-$55

Get artsy with some unique desk organizers.

27. USB Breathing Lamp, $60

This super soothing lamp will flicker on and off to signal a meditation rhythm, encouraging you to stop and take a deep breath every once in a while.

My conclusion: Desk accessories don’t ever have to be boring.

Which is your absolute favorite? Let me know on Twitter!