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These Printable Sticky Notes Are Just What You Need to Get Motivated Today

I used to keep a sticky note next to the trackpad on my laptop with the phrase, “Quit slackin’ and make sh*t happen.” I’ve always loved colorful reminders, whether that’s a message about what needs to get done today, a note about a big goal that I can glance at when I get distracted, or a friendly memo reminding me that everything is going to be OK (really!).

Given my regular use of these little friendly notes, I was understandably ecstatic when I discovered How About Orange’s printable Post-its. In fact, I was so excited that I immediately decided to make my own to use (and share with you!) for a little workplace inspiration.

It’s super easy to make these; the only catch is that you have to know how paper is fed into your printer. According to Lifehacker, there’s an icon on every printer that tells you this, but if you can’t find it, simply draw a line at the top of a piece of paper, put it in the printer with the line side face up, and print something out. If your print job comes out on the same side as the line, you want to feed paper in face up—if it comes out on the opposite side, do the reverse.

Once you have this intel, print out a copy of your template of choice (or all three!). Then, grab a pack of your favorite stickies and pop one in each box on the page. Next, put the paper back in the printer (face up or face down based on what you learned above) and ensure that the sticky end of the notes are facing into the printer so you don’t have a major jam on your hands. Now, print the templates again and—voilà!—you have your own fun, fill-in-the-blank sticky notes!

The hardest part is figuring out how to fill them in.

Career Goals

Want a constant reminder of your big career goals to keep you on track and push you forward when things get hard? These ought to fit the bill. Fill them in with your wildest dreams, then stick them on your computer monitor or in your planner for a daily reminder of why you do what you do.

Download Template

Daily Motivation

If you’re in need of a more immediate reminder to get stuff done, print these out stat. You could put them on your computer monitor or desk, but for an extra productivity boost try sticking them on top of your biggest distractor, be it your phone, the TV, or the fridge. Then, every time you start to lose track, you’ll have to face a message first.

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Mood Boosters

Whether you’re having a bad day or just want an extra boost of confidence, sometimes a message from your kindest self is just what the doctor ordered. These are perfect for sticking on the bulletin board in your office or your bathroom mirror for a morning boost—or on your co-workers’ desks when you want to remind them just how great they are.

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