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The Old Navy Credit Card: Everything You Need to Know

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Ever been clothing shopping and heard this at checkout: “Do you want to sign up for our credit card program?” Well, a retail credit card isn’t for everyone, but if you’re a loyal customer to the specific company, it comes with a lot of value. At a brand as popular, affordable, and widespread as Old Navy, it could lead to some great savings on the stuff you need and like most.

But before you sign up, it’s important to know these six things about the Old Navy Navyist Rewards Credit Card.

1. It works at Old Navy and all its sister brands

Possibly one of the best perks of the card is its versatility.

Old Navy is part of a family of three other major brands: Banana Republic, Gap, and Athleta, along with Gap Factory and Banana Republic Factory. Each has its own unique style and occasion, and caters to a large demographic—Banana Republic leans business casual, Athleta is mostly workout gear, and Gap and Old Navy are typically for everyday wear.

The point is: You’re opening yourself up to savings in a lot of areas of your life, from vacations to baby clothes to weddings. As long as you use the same phone number and email address, your loyalty points will also be combined across Gap Inc. credit card accounts.

If you rack up enough points and spend in the calendar year (Old Navy calls this level “Icon”), you can also benefit from other perks such as free alterations at Banana Republic and converting brand cash (think: Old Navy Super Cash or GapCash) to points.

2. The rewards points are competitive

For each $1 you spend at Old Navy or its other brands using your credit card, you gain five points—five times the amount someone with just an Old Navy rewards card (the company’s free version) makes. For every 100 points you accumulate, you receive $1 off your next purchase of any merchandise item. This means that with just a $20 item, you’ve already accumulated enough points to start earning money back.

You also receive bonus points annually if you spread the love across brands—500 for shopping at two of the four brands, 1,000 for shopping at three, and 2,000 for shopping at all four—and quarterly if you shop at one of the brands every three months (up to 500 bonus points). Perhaps the easiest reward: You get points on your birthday.

The fine print always matters, of course. For example, you can’t earn points with a gift card or use of store credit. Plus, to get the 5X points, you must pay with your Old Navy credit card; otherwise, you'll only get 1 point per $1. It's something to keep in mind if you have a low credit limit and don’t want to go over to the detriment of your credit score. Points also expire if you don’t use them within 12 months of earning them.

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3. And so are the discounts and fees

The Old Navy credit card offers a decent discount for new customers compared to other retail and general-use credit cards. Within 14 days after signing up for the card, you can receive 30% off your first purchase with it, which means you don’t have to rush to use it right away.

Again, the fine print: The discount does not include shipping and taxes and can’t be used retroactively.

The Old Navy credit card also doesn’t have an annual fee and covers your expenses completely if the card is stolen and used by someone else.

4. But the interest is quite high

The annual percentage rate (APR) for the Old Navy credit card is currently 29.99%. That’s pretty high for a credit card—the Federal Reserve puts the average APR for credit cards at around 23%, as of April 2024—and can cost you a significant sum if you carry a balance.

For context: “If you’re getting an interest rate at 16% to 18%, that would be pretty good,” says Andrea Woroch, a personal finance expert specializing in credit card programs.

APR is negotiable if you’re willing to call the credit card company. “A lot of people don’t know that they can ask for a lower rate,” Woroch says. “Even a 1% reduction if you’re carrying a balance can help you save.”

5. It’s about as good as the rewards membership for online purchases

Both Old Navy cardmembers and rewards members have access to free fast shipping of between three and five days on orders of $50 or more, so the credit card isn’t a huge boost if you do a lot of online shopping.

That said, Icon-level card holders can lower that shipping timeframe to two to three days.

6. It’s not a great everyday credit card

The Old Navy credit card is mainly useful for purchases within the Gap Inc. family, as the rewards for using it outside those brands are limited (one point per dollar)—and it’s only applicable to businesses that accept Mastercard. Note, too, that rewards can only be redeemed at Old Navy and its sister brands.

“I wouldn’t use that as my primary card because you are then limited in the type of rewards you have and how you can redeem,” Woroch says. “It would be wise to pair this card with a cashback or other type of reward card that gives you more back on other categories for which you tend to spend more on, such as groceries or travel.”

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Old Navy Credit Card: Is it for you?

Whether the Old Navy Navyist credit card is for you truly depends on how often you shop at it and sister locations, and how much value you get out of its products and services.

If you’re not sure just where Old Navy and its fellow brands stand on your list of shopping destinations, give your credit card statements or monthly budget a quick gander. “If those are your primary stores, then it could be really beneficial to use that card,” Woroch says. But, she adds, “don’t let sign-up offers and instant discounts at checkout influence your decision until you’ve had time to review the details.”

The Old Navy Navyist Rewards Mastercard is available to apply via Barclays’ website, and you can pay your bill online here.