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9 Ways You Can Be Nicer to Yourself (Because You Deserve It)

The end of the year is a time for forgiveness, for reflecting, for starting over, for being thankful, and for remembering what’s important. And what we all usually come to realize is that we need to take better care of ourselves—whether that means eating healthier, becoming more active and more mindful, or just knowing when we need a break (and actually taking it).

But that’s a lot easier said than done, right?

If you think practicing self-care requires a complete life switch, we’re here to tell you that anyone can do it—and starting today.

How? We’ve got nine great tips for you to ponder over this weekend.

  1. Spend most of your days in an office? There are still plenty of easy ways to be healthy at work.

  2. When you start to feel yourself burning out, think about telling your boss. If you have an open and honest relationship, he or she may be able to help you.

  3. Speaking off, catch burnout before it hits by asking yourself these three important questions.

  4. Don’t let stress take over your life—here’s the best thing you can do for yourself in times of need.

  5. And because we all love mindfulness so much (and so many people swear by it), here’s an easy trick to try it in 30 minutes.

  6. Not getting enough rest isn’t a badge of honor, trust us. So get a good night’s sleep today—and every day.

  7. Most people do sick days wrong. The most important thing you can do? Take the time to recover and be patient, and you’ll be back to the office quicker than you realize.

  8. Your job shouldn’t consume your life, so catch yourself before you get too emotionally invested.

  9. And remember that no matter how much you have to do, it’s just a job—so take care of yourself first, your work can wait.

Photo of person relaxing courtesy of Ezra Bailey/Getty Images.