Have a passion for marketing, communications, tech, or client services? Want to love where you go to work every day?

We thought so. And so, we’ve rounded up the coolest agencies on the planet—complete with awesome clients, happy employees, sleek offices, and super fun perks. Read on for a peek inside their doors (and land one of their open positions!).

1. Findr Group

Where: New York and Los Angeles

This full-service agency began as a group of professionals with shared international expertise, and has grown into a leading group of advertising and communications agencies with fresh, wordly perspectives. Utilizing a highly collaborative approach, Findr produces campaigns that are emotive, unique, and integrated, reflecting the qualities of its global clients (think the U.S. Army, Dish Network, and Caesar’s Entertainment).

Fun Perk: Each year, the Findr team is whisked away on a four-day retreat to warm, relaxing locales like Jamaica, Mexico, and the Dominican Republic. Team bonding at its best!

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2. Ironpaper

Where: New York

Founded over 10 years ago as a web design company, Ironpaper has matured into a full service digital agency. Offering comprehensive web strategy for businesses, nonprofits, eCommerce sites, and enterprises, Ironpaper integrates marketing, design, and technology to provide first-rate digital solutions. “Working at Ironpaper is like working for an established startup,” says web developer Jefry Cruz. “You truly feel a sense of accomplishment while knowing that you’re part of something special. Combine this with its laid back atmosphere—and you get a place that just feels natural.”

Fun Perk: Ironpaper is constantly looking for ways to keep things fresh. The team loves to change the layout throughout the year and keep different departments intermixing.

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3. Levatas

Where: Palm Beach, FL

Levatas is a next-generation ad consultancy firm, specializing in strategy, communications, and digital platforms. Offering clients a full-range of services—from marketing to design—Levatas acts as a one-stop-shop, helping its partners achieve their goals through support both online and in person. A blending of the words “levity” and “gravitas,” Levatas is a company that strives to be both serious and lighthearted and puts a premium on happy employees and happy clients.

Fun Perk: Levatas aims to keep the office at 40-hour workweeks, making days productive and nights free for employees to pursue the things in their lives that matter most.

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4. Praytell Strategy

Where: Brooklyn

Praytell Strategy is an integrated communications agency, blending social media and digital strategy with traditional PR. With the team’s extensive experience in media, design, and tech, Praytell is dedicated to doing things differently—embracing each part of the earned, owned, and paid media landscape and committing to build something meaningful for its partners (many of which are working tirelessly to change the world—past collaborative initiatives have included projects with the NYC Food Bank and MAC AIDS Fund.)

Fun Perk: The Praytell office is a large and airy loft with 35-foot ceilings and a crystal clear view of the Hudson River and Manhattan skyline.

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5. Omnigon

Where: New York, Toronto, Kiev

Digital consulting company Omnigon works with sports brands (think Fox Sports, the PGA Tour, and NASCAR) on their online strategy and marketing. But the usual stuff doesn't cut it: Omnigon creates specialized, custom software products and social media platformsto help their clients attract new audiences and achieve their goals. “Omnigon is sports and digital—which for me was the perfect mix," shares Kim White, manager of community and client services. "I’d played sports my whole life, and now I can work in digital.”

Fun Perk: Many of Omnigon’s clients are sports brands, making for a pervasive sports culture throughout the office—including sports right in the office, too. Foosball is an all-time favorite, and Omnigon employees have been known to play multiple games a day.

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