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Omnigon Careers
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 Tech Roots
Omnigon In The World
Tech Roots
Before Omnigon changed the sports, media, and entertainment industry with its innovative technology, it had roots in government biometrics, database, and software development systems. Noticing growing business opportunities in big data architecture, the ambitious company re-directed its talents—choosing instead to catapult businesses to new heights by achieving mission-driven digital goals with its accurate, reliable, and high-performance software customization services.
Careers - What Omnigon Does
 Omnigon 101
What Omnigon Does
Omnigon 101
Honored with numerous awards, including four Hermes Creative Awards for outstanding work, Omnigon is a digital consultation firm delivering brand optimization to leaders in the sports, media, and entertainment industries. Launched in 2008, the forward-thinking company enables clients to reach audience-specific engagement goals by creating exceptional digital experiences. From large web-based systems to mobile apps, Omnigon provides award-winning creative, technical, and strategic brand solutions.
“Omnigon has shown complete expertise in keeping up with all these softwares and technologies—as well as new operating systems and mobile devices.”
Lead QA Engineer
“When it comes to future technology, providing information to our clients is valuable. Being in front of those technologies is important to Omnigon."
Director, Sports Products