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Golden Goodness: Happy Team & Happy Clients
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 Keeping Levatas Local
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Keeping Levatas Local
Levatas may now have clients around the world, but it never wants to lose the local Floridan businesses that gave it its start. Locally loved brands like Duffy’s—Florida’s largest sports bar chain—and the Palm Beach County Tourism Department all use Levatas’ services, and it makes the team feel good to know its building strong relationships within its community.
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 Levatas 101
What Levatas Does
Levatas 101
Levatas is a next-generation ad consultancy firm, specializing in strategy, communications, and digital platforms. Formed in 2006, Levatas firmly believes in happy employees and happy clients. Offering clients a full-range of services—from marketing to design—Levatas acts as a one-stop-shop, helping its partners achieve their goals through support both online and in person.
The Company That Keeps On Growing
“Levatas is filled with diverse yet like-minded people who are all passionate about doing great things—great things that inspire, energize, teach, and increase your hunger for more.”
-Dave Magdales
User Experience Designer
“I’ve been lucky to see Levatas grow from a 6-person crew to now over 50 strong, and in each step of the way, every move has been made to not only improve the company, but also the employees.”
-Andrew Pignato
Creative Team Lead