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Levatas Careers
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 Keeping Levatas Local
Office Life
Keeping Levatas Local
Levatas is headquartered in beautiful Palm Beach County, Florida—there's no place like it anywhere else. From sightseeing and surfing to culture and cocktails, there’s no shortage of tropical paradise to explore.
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 Levatas 101
What Levatas Does
Levatas 101
Levatas is a collection of smart, creative individuals who shape brands and build technology so that they can help good companies solve hard problems. The Levatas Team as a passion for digital, a devotion to understanding human behavior, and a knack for making beautifully designed customer experiences.
The Company That Keeps On Growing
“Levatas is filled with diverse yet like-minded people who are all passionate about doing great things—great things that inspire, energize, teach, and increase your hunger for more.”
-Dave Magdales
User Experience Designer
“I’ve been lucky to see Levatas grow from a 6-person crew to now over 50 strong, and in each step of the way, every move has been made to not only improve the company, but also the employees.”
-Andrew Pignato
Creative Team Lead