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25 Back-to-School Supplies for Adults Who Want to Feel Like a Kid Again

September means back-to-school season. Maybe the sound of that makes you cringe, or thank your lucky stars you don’t have to go back to those dreaded halls.

Or, maybe you feel a bit of nostalgia. Wasn’t it exciting to go school supply shopping with your parents and pick out a fresh new set of notebooks, or even a funky collection of writing utensils (gel pens, anyone)?

Still, working in an office doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the same small pleasures. So, I’m bringing you the best adult office supplies that’ll give you all the childhood feels—and brighten up your workspace.

1. Doodle Box, $10

Great for coloring book fanatics—contain all your colors in an adorable little container. Speaking of…

2. The Splat: Coloring The ’90s Nickelodeon by Random House, $15

The perfect throwback for any ’90s kid or loyal TV watcher.

3. Redeem Come True Battery Pack in R2D2, $30

Keep your phone charged at all times, as long as your teacher (I mean, your boss) doesn’t catch you on it at work.

4. Gold Pencil Pouch, $12

Let’s update the clear plastic pencil case you rocked in middle school with something a bit more sleek.

5. Multicolor Ballpoint Pen, $1

Remember this bad boy? Who needs six pens when you can have one that does everything.

6. Jansport Network Messenger Bag, $45

This brand probably got you through 12 years of school—now, it’s time it got you through your career.

7. Bentgo All-in-One Stackable Lunch Box, $15

Keep your home-packed lunches neat with this simple bento box—which comes in several great colors for all personalities.

(For more lunchbox ideas—because even adults have one—check out these 15 mature options.)

8. “Blah” Edge Notebook, $5

It just says what we’re all thinking, whether we’re suffering through that math class or endless meetings.

9. Liquid Penguin Paperweight, $4

A toy—and paperweight—for all ages.

10. Lego Erasers, $6

Build ’em, stack ’em, or use ’em to erase all those completed to-dos.

11. Flower Pen, $3

Buy one as a fun, alternative writing tool, or buy a bunch and make a pretty bouquet on your desk.

12. “Lab-solutely” Organized Desk Supply Set, $25

You might have failed chemistry, but this organizer won’t fail to keep all your knick-knacks in their place.

13. Clarity Tape Dispenser, $10

You’re never too old to rock a bit of neon.

14. Portable Cheerleader Personality Pad, $8

You don’t need to own pom-poms to give yourself a pep-talk—test this notepad out instead.

15. Funny Tail Wireless Mouse, $8

Have a giggle using this mouse—and pick your favorite animal! (Comes in eight choices.)

16. Drumstick Pencils, $8

Band practice is in session—just try not to annoy your deskmate too much.

17. Fig & Avocado Folder, $3

You know how owning items with food on them used to make you hungry in school? Yeah, that hasn’t changed.

18. Powerpuff Girls Wall Calendar, $10

We all had a groupie calendar of sorts back in the day, whether it was Marvel comics (get the calendar here) or the Backstreet Boys. If this was your show, you need this on your wall.

19. Beaked Crane Scissors, $18

You’ve flown the nest, so now you deserve a grown-up pair of scissors.

20. Bamboo Revolving Desk Organizer, $25

It’s fun to twirl, and just as handy!

21. Pacman Stapler, $15

This retro game will never go out of style, and it makes even the most mundane supplies look awesome.

22. Nebula Binder, $22

Your ideas should be out of this world, which is why you need an accurate binder to store them in.

23. Snap-it-Up Organizer, $18

This rainbow board isn’t just a work of art—it’s a great place to store memos, pencils, and pictures.

24. BarkClips, $8

As the site says, this “turns any boring old paperwork into a reminder that, hey, puppies exist!” Isn’t that just the best thing you’ve ever heard?

25. Weekly Bonded Leather Diary, $40

Finally, because you’re really an adult that deserves to thrive in his or her career, keep a diary that helps you do just that (or, maybe to jot down your crushes, too).