person eating lunch at desk

To all the people out there who take the time to pack your lunch every day: I tip my hat to you. (For those who don’t but want to, here are 52 ideas for lunch at work.) There’s nothing better than a homemade meal. OK, maybe there are better lunches, but none quite so cheap.

Even though your parents aren’t drawing hearts on your lunch bag anymore, there’s no reason why you can’t bring your food to the office in an awesome container.

So, because I’m a firm believer in that, I present: The coolest adult lunch boxes. Ever. And I bet after seeing these you’ll be inspired to start improving your (already) stellar lunch game. After all, it’s a special time of the day and should be treated as such.

1. If You’re Fancy: The Furoshiki ECOLunchwrap Kit

2. If You’re a Traditionalist: The “Brown” Bag

3. If You’re Eco-Friendly: The Collapsible Eco Meal Kit

4. If You’re Into Compactness: The Lunch Pot

5. If You’re Really Into Leftovers: The To-Go Box

6. If You’re a Minimalist: Stasher™ Silicone Reusable Sandwich & Snack Bag

7. If You’re Into Hot Lunches: The Thermo Pot

8. If You’re a Sandwich Diehard: The Mr. Little Bread Slice

9. If You’re a Klutz: The Double Wall Bowl

10. If You’re Feeling Musical: SK Guitar Case Lunch Box

11. If You’re Into Looks: The Ceramic Bowl

12. If You’re a Multitasker: The Convertible Lunch Box

13. If You’re Into Portions: ROVER Stainless Steel Lunchbox

14. If You’re an Optimist: Today Is Really Great Bento Box

15. If You’re Into Recycling: Life Without Plastic Juco Sandwich Bag

Updated 6/19/2020