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19 Items That'll Brighten Up Your Desk—Because Winter

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The holidays are over, the sun doesn’t stay out as late, and you’ve got at least three months to bear the freezing, depressing season known as winter.

How do you get through it all without sinking into hibernation mode? By making your office so appealing and pleasing that you can’t help but be happy all the time. (OK, most of the time.)

Here’s 19 (inexpensive!) ideas to get you started on livening up your desk or office. Winter never looked so good!

1. Nordic Nights Padfolio

For the animal-loving organizer.

2. Mini Monsters Scented Markers Set

Because nothing makes highlighting memos better than scented markers.

3. The Happiness 100-Day Planner

Stay positive and goal-oriented no matter how bleak the weather gets—and have something to look forward to when it gets warm again!

(Want more options? Check out even more awesome 2016 planners!)

4. Tear Off Someecards 2016 Calendar

Start every day off with a smile (and a laugh or two).

5. Pop of Color Dream Desk Sets

All you need is a little color to brighten your whole day. Choose your favorite palette and create your ultimate dream desk!

(Note: This is the whole set, but you can also pick and choose your favorite pieces for a cheaper option!)

6. Rainbow Wall-Mounted Organizer

Store all your doodads in one easy (and colorful!) place.

7. “Sh*t To Do” Neon Notepad

You won’t forget what you need to do when it’s written on neon notes.

And for some extra daily motivation, try printing out these sticky note templates and putting them on your desk, laptop, or corkboard.

8. “Good Vibes Only” Poster

As a reminder when the dark is getting you down.

9. “Hello Sunshine” Pens

So you can bring your own sunshine to work.

10. Mini Zen Garden

If you can’t go to the beach, bring the beach (and the zen) to you.

11. Pineapple Trinket Dish and Clips

To add a bit of shine and sweetness to your workspace.

12. Matching Keyboard Wrist Rest Set

Protect your wrists from all that hard work and decorate your desk at the same time!

13. Dammit Doll

For the days when you need to take your winter frustrations out on something (and not on someone).

14. Unicorn Tape Dispenser

Because rainbows.

15. Unzipped Glass Zipper Bag

Nothing makes a day better than candy. So why not store your favorites in the perfect dish?

16. Color Me Happy 2016 Wall Calendar

When you need some color in your life, use your calendar to de-stress and regroup.

17. HappyLight Compact Energy Lamp

This “happy” lamp produces natural spectrum lighting to improve your mood and concentration—and help get rid of the nasty winter blues.

18. Color-Change LED Candle Set

Or, if you’re more of a candle person, try this vibrant ambiance.

19. Desk Foot Hammock

Finally, you can kick back, relax, and breeze through the winter in comfort and style.

All it takes is some bright decor, a little inspiration, and some love to craft a space that makes coming into work worth the snow and cold. Hang in there; winter will be over and done before you know it!