working outside

As soon as the weather starts to warm up, I want nothing more than to be outside, all day, every day. Unfortunately for most of us though, our offices are located inside, under roofs, surrounded by walls.

But, that doesn’t mean you’re stuck inside while the sun’s shining. If you’re lucky enough to work in an office that doesn’t chain you to your desk and you have a laptop, you can take your work outside.

And to motivate you to do that, I’ve found 16 great items that’ll help you focus, get comfortable, and have basically no reason to ever go inside again (or, at least for a few hours).

1. Lighten Up Lunch Cooler Bag, $34

A convenient way to enjoy your lunch outside with colleagues. And, for even more awesome options, check out these 15 items to pack your lunch in!

2. Matching Tumbler, $18

So your drinks don’t get jealous of your cool-looking lunch.

3. Mini Phone Fan, $6

On those blistering hot days, keep cool with this fan that attaches right to your phone. No iPhone? No problem, for one that works for Androids, you can look right here!

4. Outdoor Blanket, $24

Before you go to sit in the wet grass, bring along this waterproof picnic blanket—which conveniently folds up into a little tote.

5. Honey-Can-Do Lap Desk, $20

Instead of lugging your entire workspace outside (because that seems impossible), use this portable version as a “lap desk.”

6. Infuse Water Bottle, $14

It can taste like sunshine no matter where you decide to work with this fruit-infusion water bottle.

7. Portable Hammock With Stand, $60

If you like to swing while you type (which could be fun), try out this easy-to-carry, easy-to-set-up hammock.

8. Back Jack Floor Chair, $40

For people who like a little back support, this portable chair will help you sit upright even when you’re seated on the ground.

9. Mini Wireless Speaker, $35

Might as well jam to some tunes to make it an even more cheerful day.

10. Colorful Keyboard Cover, $5.99

To make sure you don’t get pollen and other tiny things (read: bugs) stuck in your keyboard.

11. “Rite in the Rain” Notebook, $4

Because you never know when the wind might shift, here’s a notebook that can withstand just about every kind of weather.

12. Thermos With Folding Spoon, $25

So you can always guarantee your snacks will stay warm or cold (and compact) no matter the temperature.

13. Slim Marble Portable Phone Charger, $24

This credit card-sized charger will power up your phone so you don’t have to leave your favorite spot to find a plug.

14. Personal Insect Repellent Bracelet, $17

The best way to keep all those annoying bugs out of your hair while you work.

15. Multicolor Classic Daypack, $149

This simple, multifunctional backpack will hold everything, from your laptop to notes to chargers.

16. Antiglare Screen Protector, $13

This will help you see in the bright, bright sunlight, just make sure to order one in the right size.

Updated 6/19/2020