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12 Tricks for Staying Awake at Work That Don't Involve a Double Shot of Espresso

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I’m willing to bet that most people don’t wake up feeling extremely well-rested, immediately alert, and ready to take on anything. That’s why it’s totally normal to reach for that cup of coffee first thing in the morning, before your eyes even open all the way—and again in the afternoon when you’re feeling that caffeine buzz starting to fade.

If this sounds familiar, you won’t be surprised to hear that that habit isn’t sustainable, for your energy levels or your wallet. The good news? There are plenty of ways to stay awake without that daily fix.

  1. Let’s start by busting a common coffee myth: Some research shows that it actually makes you less productive. So, cutting back on your intake can actually help you long-term with your natural sleeping regimen and ability to recharge.

  2. Not convinced that anything other than coffee can get you going each morning? Here are seven science-backed ways to wake up.

  3. Notice that your need for coffee essentially comes from one place: a lack of consistent, good sleep.

  4. And speaking of sleep, have you pulled an all-nighter recently? Here’s a comprehensive play-by-play on staying awake and surviving the following workday.

  5. Feeling sluggish, tired, or generally down? Turns out, the secret to waking up and recharging has a lot to do with what you’re eating.

  6. A great way to avoid crashing around 2 PM is by pacing yourself. Managing your energy instead of your time will keep you from stretching yourself too thin.

  7. Maybe you just haven’t found the right music to pump you up. Don’t worry—these premade playlists are bound to do the trick.

  8. Studies show that a brief high-intensity exercise (even 30 seconds of one!) will be so much more effective than that shot of espresso.

  9. When you’re feeling sleepy and quickly losing motivation at the office, use any of these 50 productivity tips to help you beat your low energy levels and get back on track.

  10. Science says reaching for that cup of coffee during your mid-day slump is the wrong way to cope—and that a power nap will do the trick just fine.

  11. Feel like your desk needs some sprucing up? Consider brightening up your work environment to make it a livelier place to get work done.

  12. Not quite ready to ditch the coffee maker yet? No problem. You can always just fake that you’re a morning person.