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Whether you’re changing careers completely or just getting started, you probably have only a vague idea of how various industries operate (and often that image comes from a TV show or movie). For example, maybe you think every media job is exactly like the roles embodied by the journalists in the movie Spotlight. Or, you believe that engineering jobs are a close replica of the ones portrayed in HBO's Silicon Valley.

If you want to get a glimpse at your potential career path, you might want to swap Hulu for online classes.

To help you find the right niche, we’ve compiled 10 cheap (or free!) introduction courses for 10 different industries. One’s bound to catch your eye (and maybe even boost your resume) along the way.

1. Product Design: Product Design Course, ALISON

According to ALISON, “Product design is the process whereby product designers conceptualize and evaluate ideas before turning them into products ready to be sold by a business to its customers.”

If that resonates with you, this course will provide the concepts, case studies, and tools to help you build a foundation for pursuing product design.

Cost: Free
Length: 2-3 hours

2. Marketing: Introduction to Marketing, Udemy

Take the “mystery” out of marketing with this wallet-friendly class, which will cover everything from the most basic, “What exactly is marketing?” to “How do you promote a product? ”

(And if it feels like a great fit, here are 18 more classes that’ll take your skills to the next level.)

Cost: $25
Length: 1 hour/19 lectures

3. HR: Fundamentals of Human Resources, ALISON

Dive into human resources management by learning about the myriad responsibilities, varied recruiting processes, and proper implementation of performance reviews that come with working in this field.

Cost: Free
Length: 2-3 hours

4. Sales: How to Sell Anything in Three Simple Steps, Udemy

If your idea of sales is people showing up at your door with a pitch, you should take this course on the basic strategies of selling. And then check out these 10 classes to boost your sales career.

Cost: Free
Length: 1 hour/8 lectures

5. Web Development: Introduction to Web Development, Udemy

If you’re fascinated by how websites get made, look no further. This short but fast-paced course will cover everything from HTML and CSS basics to how to use those skills to make your web page colorful and beautiful.

(And if developing or engineering sparks your interest, here are other beginner coding classes you should check out.)

Cost: $20
Length: 1.5 hours/15 lectures

6. Product Management: Product Management: Skill Sets to Shift Your Career, Skillwise

Start thinking like a product manager with this beginner course in B2B business, which will not only cover the “what” of the field but the “why”—plus, some extra interview tips if you’re ready to take that next step in your job search.

Cost: $39
Length: 13 hours/38 lectures

7. Operations Management: Fundamentals of Operations Management, ALISON

Whether you’re interested in manufacturing or service, this class will cover the operation basics, from scheduling to checking inventory to quality management.

Cost: Free
Length: 2-3 hours

8. Account Management: Account Management 101: Tactics for Partner Success, Udemy

Account management is all about building strong relationships—which is why this starter course is the perfect place to begin. Learn how to maintain a loyal partnership with any customer, overcome common obstacles, and set goals for yourself and your partners.

Cost: $50
Length: 1 hour/34 lectures

9. Project Management: Fundamentals of Project Management, ALISON

If you’re interested in project management (not to be mistaken with product management, this class will go over the tools and software you’ll need to do the job. It also gives a history of the industry and offers real-life examples from actual project managers.

Cost: Free
Length: 2-3 hours

10. Accounting: Accounting: A Brief Introduction, Skillshare

While nothing significant can be learned in an hour, this is a great overview of accounting. Plus, it’ll actually make what would seem like a boring introduction a fun experience for any potential accountant.

Cost: Free with month trial
Length: 1 hour/18 videos

Updated 6/19/2020