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Yes, You Can Get Fired for Your Social Media Posts: 9 Times People Learned This Lesson the Hard Way

texting at work

People say it all the time: “Watch what you post on social media, it could get you fired from your job!” But in reality, how often does that happen? And wouldn’t you have to royally screw up for your employer not to give you a second chance?

Real talk: Yes, even a Snapchat or Instagram post that seems innocuous could be grounds for your dismissal. Don’t believe me? Read these nine cautionary tales from people who’ve been in that position.

  1. When she posted an Instagram photo after her team landed a new client, one young professional learned the importance of keeping company news a secret, no matter how exciting it might be. (The Financial Diet)
  2. These bankers somehow didn’t get the memo: Pretending to be a deadly terrorist group is just plain stupid (not to mention, wildly insensitive). (The Huffington Post)
  3. This one’s unbelieveable: A former high school teacher publicly tweeted about her partying lifestyle and drug possession. Easy lesson learned: Keep your personal life offline. (The Daily Dot)
  4. In one of the most public “Someone said what?” moments, communications executive Justine Sacco posted a racist tweet when she boarded a flight to Africa and was promptly fired upon landing. Yes, having a filter is important. (The Guardian)
  5. Chances are you’ve probably worked a job or two that you didn’t love. But here’s a tip: Don't post about your sheer hatred for your role on Facebook. (The Washington Post)
  6. Something we should all do a little more of: Stay off Twittter at work. It doesn’t always ends well. (SFGate)
  7. Regardless of what industry you’re in, make sure you don’t post anything that insults your company’s customers. (NBC News)
  8. A pro tip for job seekers: Don’t talk about your potential or new employment until the dust has settled. (Business Insider)
  9. That rumor that companies do social media background checks on potential new hires? Yep, it’s true. (The Daily Muse)