Do you feel like your brain could use a boost? We know the feeling. Toiling away your days in an office without challenging those brain waves is a bummer. But, don't worry, we've got covered. If you're looking for a job where you can flex your brain muscles, look no further!

We've compiled a list of 26 awesome companies that value continued education and employee growth. No need to crack open the books, just polish up that resume, and get ready to embark on a career where learning opportunities are more than a perk, they're a way of life.

1. Grubhub

Grubhub company profile
Grubhub culture
Working at Grubhub

Grubhub is the nation's leading online and mobile food ordering and delivery marketplace dedicated to connecting hungry diners with local takeout restaurants. The company’s online and mobile ordering platforms allow diners to order from more than 140,000 takeout restaurants in over 2,700 U.S. cities and London. The Grubhub portfolio of brands includes Grubhub, Seamless, LevelUp, Tapingo, AllMenus and MenuPages.

At Grubhub, curiosity is key. The company searches for applicants who can seek out and solve difficult problems—and it particularly encourages its new hires to look for analytical, data-driven processes for product innovation. Better still? Grubhub truly appreciates adventurous employees who will go the distance to explore new ideas—provided they always learn from their undertakings.

2. Getty Images

Getty Images company profile
Getty Images culture
Working at Getty Images

As the resource people choose to discover and share vibrant visual content, Getty Images is the world’s leader in visual communication, serving creative, business, and media customers in almost 200 countries. By collaborating with the world’s best photographers and videographers—over 200,000 of them—Getty Images provides comprehensive coverage of major happenings around the world, telling stories through imagery. Today, it stands as the world’s largest commercial archive, with over 200 million assets.

Getty Images is more than just stunning photography—its industry-leading websites offer complete experiences, delivered through creative video, galleries, and unfiltered snapshots. And to keep up with all of this, employees need to be ready to learn and evolve constantly. “There’s so much variety in everything—what we’re building, who we work with, our employees, and what’s coming up next for Getty Images,” says Product Manager, Karissa.

3. 1-800 Contacts

1-800 Contacts company profile
1-800 Contacts culture
Working at 1-800 Contacts

Dedicated to providing consumers with a simple, hassle-free way to buy and replace contact lenses, the company was founded with an intimate understanding of the two key frustrations among contact lens wearers—namely, that contacts are both expensive and inconvenient to replace. The organization solves these issues for customers by delivering prescriptions lenses to their door—at the lowest possible price.

At 1-800 Contacts, they know the value of their employees. The company’s recognition program demonstrates their commitment to investing in associates’ career development. And, a collaborative atmosphere abides, one where mentorship can be seen in all aspects of the business.

5. Dia&Co

Dia&Co company profile
Dia&Co culture
Working at Dia&Co

Dia&Co is the only retail service dedicated to meeting the plus size community’s full range of style needs. They’re applying the best of data and technology to serve women who have been ignored for far too long—from developing the shopping experiences she’s always wanted, to building community platforms that inspire her, to ensuring she sees herself represented in the world around her.

What makes Dia&Co unique is how deeply its business values resonate with its employees. And when employees share their company's values, they strive to learn more and work harder. Be it back-end engineering or working on the frontlines of the business as a stylist, every staff member works towards the same goal of making a difference in the lives of women who have long been excluded from the fashion industry.

6. Amplify

Amplify company profile
Amplify culture
Working at Amplify

Amplify's programs for English language arts, math, and science are leading the way in data-driven instruction and setting the standard for next-generation curriculum. Amplify has brought mobile assessments, instructional analytics, and riveting, rigorous curriculum to thousands of schools, supporting more than 300,000 educators and 3 million students in all 50 states

At Amplify, employees learn while teaching others. Aside from simply building tech tools for teachers to utilize in the classroom, Amplify also makes an effort to educate kids on their own time. Employees volunteer for company-initiated programs like Robotics Ed and Citizen Schools, where they teach tech tools like coding or stop motion animation to inner city children.


HCSC company profile
HCSC culture
Working at HCSC

Health Care Service Corporation is the largest member-owned—and fourth largest overall—health insurer in the U.S., serving Illinois, Montana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas as a licensee of Blue Cross Blue Shield. A purpose-driven community of 22,000 employees serving over 15 million members, HCSC is devoted to a mission of improving lives, health, and care.

The capabilities of technology and the constraints of health care are constantly in flux, and HCSC has adopted the best practices to thrive in this environment. HCSC empowers dynamic, high-impact IT teams with the best technical tools, enabling top-level collaborations with business partners in an exciting industry with endless opportunities to learn and grow.

8. Advanced Group

Advanced Group company profile
Advanced Group culture
Working at Advanced Group

Advanced Group brings together Advanced Clinical, Advanced Resources, Advanced RPO, and WunderLand Group. This family of brands helps Advanced Group clients and talent grow and achieve their professional goals, offering contingent and permanent staffing solutions, talent acquisition and management, consulting, outsourcing, and professional services. Advanced Group is dedicated to advancing careers and companies. In addition to these four businesses, Advanced Group provides corporate services such as Marketing, Human Resources, Finance & Accounting, IT, and Operations to each brand, supporting the success of their clients and talent.

Advanced Resources is committed to providing quality service by taking a personal approach to understanding the unique career goals, talents, skills, and preferences of candidates and companies. That commitment has paid off as Advanced Resources has received both the Best of Staffing Client Award and Talent Award every year since the program’s inception.

10. Workiva

Workiva company profile
Workiva culture
Working at Workiva

Workiva delivers Wdesk, a leading enterprise cloud platform for data collaboration, reporting and compliance that is used by thousands of organizations worldwide, including over 75% of the Fortune 500®. Companies of all sizes, state and local governments, and educational institutions use Wdesk to help mitigate risk, improve productivity and gain confidence in their data-driven decisions. Workiva employs more than 1,200 people with offices in 17 cities.

Workiva creates an atmosphere that's conducive to learning. The flexible office environment means that employees can work in the way that best fits their needs. Staff enjoy an open floor plan in a space that rivals Silicon Valley’s most iconic company campuses.

11. Digital Air Strike

Digital Air Strike company profile
Digital Air Strike culture
Working at Digital Air Strike

The leading social media technology and reputation management partner, Digital Air Strike helps businesses across North America leverage social channels to engage with consumers, promote their brands, maximize awareness, and optimize their ROI. Digital Air Strike is the largest provider of social media and reputation management to the automotive industry while also providing its award-winning services to clients in other industries and markets.

Digital Air Strike achieves success with its innovative technology and team—and is also recognized for its community involvement. The company and its employees support causes ranging from wildlife sanctuaries to single parents battling cancer. This allows employees to learn about their communities, while becoming more well-rounded individuals.

13. Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory

Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory company profile
Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory culture
Working at Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory

APL leads the 21st century into the future by operating on the cusp of technological exploration. The nonprofit research center has an impressive name tied to it—but has a more impressive list of accomplishments and goals. APL scientists, engineers, and analysts deliver solutions for national security and scientific challenges to keep America and its innovators looking toward tomorrow.

Though APL team members boast impressive resumes, the collaborative working environment pushes them to continuously learn. While generous tuition reimbursement and a part-time Masters program give staff the opportunity to learn in a traditional classroom setting, APL allows people to become lifelong learners by attending industry conferences or taking on projects outside the norm.

14. FDM Group

FDM Group company profile
FDM Group culture
Working at FDM Group

FDM enables people with an interest in technology to launch successful tech careers. Recognizing the importance of investing in new talent, the FDM Careers Program provides talented individuals with rigorous training in a range of IT and business disciplines. FDM trainees go on to represent the company as FDM Consultants on client assignments for a minimum of two years.

The general consensus among people who work at FDM is that the firm’s company culture is pretty special—it’s what sets FDM apart. More than simply encouraging entrepreneurship, FDM inspires individuals to seek their dreams. It’s a workplace full of opportunities, an environment where people support one another and are encouraged to think outside the box.

15. BRPH

BRPH company profile
BRPH culture
Working at BRPH

BRPH designs the buildings and structures of tomorrow. The company offers all of its engineering, architectural, and design services in-house as means to reduce costs to the client and better collaborate internally. Whether it’s a complex manufacturing facility, a 21st century elementary school, or a physics-defying feat of engineering, BRPH conceives, designs, manages, and delivers a service that goes beyond clients’ expectations.

Management at the BRPH recognizes staff as the company’s most important asset—and strives to empower and support the team. The spacious office embodies the open, casual style of the Management Team and encourages collaboration between colleagues within and across disciplines. With such an open and supportive environment, it’s easy for new recruits to learn and grow quickly.

16. Epsilon

Epsilon company profile
Epsilon culture
Working at Epsilon

After scoping out a brand’s ideal audience and creating messages to engage those customers, Epsilon helps connect with them for long-term business—with a sense of loyalty to match. The global marketing company factors in relevant data, technology solutions, and creative services to be an all-encompassing marketing shop that leads the way in successful modern marketing.

Epsilon sets its employees up for success. Employees thrive under an open management style that blends one-on-one check-ins with free reign across daily duties. The combination of end-goal instructions with flexible middle ground allows employees to learn faster and feel the satisfaction of their accomplishments. The result? A company filled with go-getters and leaders who aren’t afraid to try new things.

17. Unruly

Unruly company profile
Unruly culture
Working at Unruly

Founded in 2006, Unruly provides value to brands and publishers by getting their videos seen, shared, and loved. The company brings emotional intelligence to digital advertising, helping 91% of Ad Age 100 brands to inspire their audiences. Unruly believes in the power of emotion in marketing campaigns to drive consumer response and maximize impact.

A culture of transparency and collaboration persists throughout Unruly’s global offices. Without hierarchical leadership structures, employees are encouraged to work across teams. Even better, to learn about the Unruly culture, new hires are sent to the company’s London headquarters to meet the co-founders. Ultimately, all "Unrulies" contribute to building a strong work environment.

18. Vanguard

Vanguard company profile
Vanguard culture
Working at Vanguard

Vanguard is changing the way the world invests. Because when you invest with courage, clarity, and care, you have the chance to get so much more in return. Vanguard invests with purpose–and that’s how they’ve become a global market leader. They grow by doing the right thing for the people they serve. They want to make success accessible to everyone. This is your opportunity, and Vanguard wants to help you make it count.

Vanguard’s culture is rooted in its core values of integrity, focus, and stewardship. It is that rich culture that drives the organization to be a great place to work and invest for clients and crew. Its environment of inclusion drives a highly-engaged crew—the firm values the diverse strengths, backgrounds, experiences, and identities that crew bring to the organization.

19. Keller Williams Realty International

Keller Williams Realty International company profile
Keller Williams Realty International culture
Working at Keller Williams Realty International

Keller Williams Realty tops the list when it comes to size—and ingenuity—since the company is the largest real estate franchise by agent count; uses an agent-centric, education-based approach to doing business; and is creating the real estate technology platform of choice for agents and consumers. Behind that army of talented agents is a corporate team committed to culture and dedicated to adding value to their associates.

The company’s name is telling of its industry—but not its potential. KWRI’s headquarters employs a diverse group of strategists, innovators, storytellers, and technologists who help transform the way agents market, sell, and interact with buyers and sellers. An on-site learning center and extensive Career Visioning program support the company’s emphasis on teamwork while allowing individuals with all backgrounds to explore and grow.

20. Palo Alto Networks

Palo Alto Networks company profile
Palo Alto Networks culture
Working at Palo Alto Networks

At Palo Alto Networks, employees are winning the battle against cybersecurity threats. The organization drives an innovative vision of prevention different from anywhere else—forcing the industry, and the world, to change the way it thinks about protection. With a culture that embraces authenticity, collaboration, and ground-breaking innovation, the team at Palo Alto Networks is unlike any other in the world as it protects the digital way of life.

Cybersecurity is an ever-changing field, one in which time is of the essence and mere seconds are critical. That’s why Palo Alto Networks is structured so that employees can quickly and efficiently deploy new solutions for digital security. The company encourages an environment of thoughtful risk-taking in order to achieve high execution speeds and continuous innovation.

21. CarGurus

CarGurus company profile
CarGurus culture
Working at CarGurus

CarGurus believes a transparent car shopping experience is better for shoppers and sellers alike, and more than 20 million unique monthly visitors to the site and mobile app agree. Headquartered outside Boston, CarGurus blends the feel of a startup with proven business acumen and sustainable growth. The team’s passion for data drives new product development and engineering breakthroughs.

CarGurus knows that investing in their employees will pay off. That's why management promotes friendly competition and recognition within teams. CarGurus uses oversized trophies that rotate between top sales performers, as well as a sales bell that employees ring and autograph after hitting certain metrics. Mirrored with the collaborative, open environment of the office, CarGurus aims to foster a company that employees feel invested in.

22. Porte Brown

Porte Brown company profile
Porte Brown culture
Working at Porte Brown

Porte Brown is comprised of seasoned accountants and consultants who bring a unique and enthusiastic perspective to financial management solutions. From day one, Porte Brown employees take a hands-on approach in assisting clients’ business needs. This is why Porte Brown places great importance on continuing education for the team—to deliver a service that puts clients’ minds at ease.

At Porte Brown, management knows that variety is the spice of life! That's why new recruits are given a variety of work to explore new interests and diversify career opportunities with the company. And, managers and partners also do an excellent job of maintaining open communication channels with staff to hear their ideas and goals.

23. PM3 Agency

PM3 Agency company profile
PM3 Agency culture
Working at PM3 Agency

PM3 Agency is a full-service advertising agency focused on advertising to multicultural consumers. Founded in Atlanta in 2003, PM3 is one of the top 20 largest Hispanic agencies in the country, working with Fortune 1000 companies to create TV, radio, digital, print, or event campaigns—so effectively that the company keeps clients for an average of 10 to 12 years, in comparison to the two-year industry average.

At PM3, they know the value of mixing business and pleasure to keep employees' minds fresh. Even though the team is always working hard to create awesome campaigns, they know how to have fun, too. Anytime a successful campaign is launched, the team celebrates by grabbing margaritas at the cantina next door to the office. The team also kicks back by participating in an inter-office Atlanta soccer league—of which they’re the reigning Atlanta champs.

24. NFP

NFP company profile
NFP culture
Working at NFP

Through a network of 3,400 employees in hundreds of offices across the U.S., Canada, and the U.K, NFP is a leading insurance broker and consultant that provides corporate employee benefits, insurance, retirement, and wealth management solutions. The company’s expansive reach allows access to the most highly rated insurers, vendors, and financial institutions in the industry, while locally-based employees tailor solutions to meet client needs.

Management at NFP takes an active interest in the personal and professional development of the company’s people. Leaders act as mentors and persistently present new opportunities for growth and exploration within the organization—not just telling, but showing employees the potential paths that can lead them to their goals.

25. iProspect

iProspect company profile
iProspect culture
Working at iProspect

iProspect is the world's leading digital performance marketing agency—driving client business performance. As online industries quickly expand into all areas of everyday life, iProspect's award-winning experts know that each tweet, each status update, and each video is a potential customer touch point—and the company dedicates itself to developing the most effective strategies for clients in every market.

If you're looking for a company where you can use your imagination, iProspect might just be the place for you. Employees at iProspect engage with a wide range of creative assignments, working with clients of different sizes and at stages of development. For a recent project, one team had the opportunity to craft a new creative strategy for an established luxury fashion brand from start to finish—and, unsurprisingly, the campaign was a complete success.

26. Backcountry

Backcountry company profile
Backcountry culture
Working at Backcountry

Backcountry’s mission is to connect people with their passions by offering carefully selected, premium gear and apparel that empowers modern adventure. Employees are avid skiers, campers, hikers, mountain bikers, climbers, and much more, and they use this firsthand knowledge to outfit customers and to inspire them to get outdoors.

Want to learn more about the great outdoors? From company ski trips to biking excursions, Backcountry brings the outdoors into the everyday. In the office, employees bring their dogs to work and are encouraged to share their passions—this company proves that work-life balance is possible.

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