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VIBE Awards 2022: Best Companies for Office Life and Perks

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Ping-pong tables, beer carts on Fridays, nap rooms: Office perks have long existed as a way for companies (many of them in tech) to attract—and keep—talented candidates. The businesses on this list take it a step even further, offering everything from complimentary gourmet meals in the office and snack delivery for remote workers to team bonding events and international trips.

Office life and perks is just one of the seven perk and benefits categories we highlight in the 2022 VIBE Awards. “VIBE” stands for “voted in by employees.” As the name suggests, our methodology combined our own data as well as votes from employees, who ranked the strength of their company’s perks and benefits. Each category includes winners and honorable mentions for small (up to 250 employees), medium (251 to 5,000), and large (more than 5,000) companies.

Among the small companies, Momnt stands out for keeping its employees fed on days they go into the office (usually once or twice a week). Says one employee, “They ensure our meals, parking, and gym passes are always paid for! It’s just nice little things like these that make the company truly stand out in the office!”

Hudson River Trading, a medium-size company winner, treats team members to meals—and much more. “Where do I begin! Company vacations, amazing breakfast and lunch (including incredible organic and vegan options and all the ginger shots you desire), an amazing gym on the 77th floor with sweeping views, and the most comfortable desks and chairs. There are also super fun events throughout the week and catered events that support local vendors!” raves one employee.

Boston Consulting Group, a winner in the large company category, also organizes ways for employees to spend time together outside of work. “There are tons of events to create connections with other employees and build a fantastic network of personal and professional support within the organization,” notes an employee. “On top of that, the office perks are great; we have a gym, healthy and sweet snacks, a barista, and great work spaces.”

Read on for the full list of winners in the office life and perks category.

Small Companies


Who they are: This fintech company offers a platform to businesses and consumers that streamlines digital lending and payments.

What employees are saying: “Lunch is provided or paid for when we are in the office, which removes a layer of stress from days when I do go in.”

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Who they are: This fintech company makes it easy for small businesses to open bank accounts, issue corporate credit cards, and automate their bookkeeping.

What people are saying: “Relay changed the way I see work. They really respect and encourage work-life balance. I can bring my dog to work so he can have a better quality of life, and they provide lunch in the office so I don’t need to put a lot of effort into making healthy choices for myself. They also organize activities like chocolate tasting, happy hours, and other social events.”

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Simon Data

Who they are: Simon Data is a customer data platform that helps companies drive marketing results.

What people are saying: “Simon has a lot of free lunches, happy hours, and great social events that allow us to foster connections that help us work better together professionally (and create personal friendships!)”

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Honorable Mention: Promenade Group

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Honorable Mention: RapidSOS

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Honorable Mention: Upside

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Medium Companies

Hudson River Trading

Who they are: This fintech firm develops automated trading algorithms and brings a scientific approach to trading financial products.

What people are saying: “Every year, as a thanks for all our work, HRT sends employees and their families on an all-expenses-paid vacation (think Bermuda, Mexico, or Thailand), and there’s not even an expectation to do any work-related activities while we’re there!”

Read more about Hudson River Trading’s award-winning perks and benefits.

Panorama Education

Who they are: This edtech company builds tools that schools can use to improve the quality of education that their students receive.

What people are saying: “The perks at Panorama Education are what dreams are made of. I love the way they show how much they care for their employees and go above and beyond to provide work-life balance through seminars, snack delivery for remote employees, free lunches, etc. This is the best place I have ever worked in my 20-plus years of working.”

Read more about Panorama Education’s award-winning perks and benefits.

Stack Overflow

Who they are: This online platform provides a community for programmers, where they can learn, share knowledge, and network with each other.

What people are saying: “Having $2,000 to initially set up my home office when I was hired was amazing and really helped me upgrade my work space to ensure I had the things I needed to do my job well and comfortably from my home.”

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Honorable Mention: Care/of

Read more about Care/of’s award-winning perks and benefits.

Honorable Mention: Flatiron Health

Read more about Flatiron Health’s award-winning perks and benefits.

Large Companies

Boston Consulting Group

Who they are: This global consulting firm that works alongside other businesses to help solve real-world problems.

What people are saying: “Aside from the amazing support and opportunities to show your best self through affinity networks for employees (Black, Latinx, LGBTQ, etc.), the events are some of the best I’ve seen. Some of my favorite team bonding events have been a Coldplay concert, a Broadway play, and a ping-pong tournament.”

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Palo Alto Networks

Who they are: This cybersecurity company provides cutting-edge defense against cyber attacks.

What people are saying: “As an employee hired as a remote worker, I wanted to find ways to connect with people at a distance. Our active Slack channels like #funfoodfitness and employee networking groups helped me build special relationships. I especially like our virtual events in which they ship supplies and host an activity online. Those couple of hours of fun and connection really make me feel good.”

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Who they are: This tech company has moved beyond ride sharing to offer food and package delivery, courier services, and freight transportation.

What people are saying: “Where to start with the office life and perks at Uber?! Our offices are truly amazing and serve the best food. I also often use our Uber credits and discounts.”

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Honorable Mention: Autodesk

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Honorable Mention: Chick-fil-A

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