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These Companies Have the Best Perks—and Plenty of Job Openings

Do you live for the perks? Do you check out the PTO and catered lunch policy when interviewing for a new job? Do you get giddy when you hear about a creative new benefit that a company is offering?

If so, you’re not alone. According to Glassdoor, 57% of people say benefits and perks are among their top considerations when reviewing a job offer. And while you shouldn’t take a job for the perks, they’re certainly an important factor in your employment experience.

That’s why some companies are seriously stepping up their game. Glassdoor just released a list of the top 20 employee benefits and perks—and some of our amazing partners at The Muse made the list! Check them out below to learn more about what it would be like to work at one of these six companies, and then browse open jobs to find your next perk-filled gig.

1. Asana

With an overall benefits rating of 4.9 out of 5 on Glassdoor, this task management and productivity company was touted for giving employees access to executive and life coaching services.

Not only does the company support growth and development in each employee, it supports an enjoyable work-life balance. Placing an emphasis on passions instead of punching the clock, the company gives all Asana team members a chance to have a life outside of their careers—and gives working parents free time to tend to family responsibilities.

Jobs at Asana

2. Facebook

You’ve probably seen Mark Zuckerberg’s meditations on being a parent over the past few months, and his passion for allowing people to grow their families outside of work extends down to every employee, with a four month paid parental leave policy along with a $4,000 “Baby Cash” bonus to employees with a newborn.

For those without parenthood in the near future, there are still plenty of perks for you at Facebook, including an investment in your personal development with career guidance and quality training and the flexibility to set personalized work schedules.

Jobs at Facebook

3. Twilio

This developer-friendly cloud communications company knows that its employees are everything—and wants them to be able to keep growing. That’s why the company does everything from giving each employee a Kindle with $30 a month to spend on books to giving them easy access to big technology conferences in San Francisco. “Twilio supports learning and development in what you’re doing and whatever interests you may have,” shares engineer Carlos Diaz-Padron.

And when you’re tired of learning, you’re in luck—the company also offers unlimited PTO and flexibility for working parents.

Jobs at Twilio

4. Airbnb

Also named Glassdoor’s best place to work in 2016, this company has plenty of perks to offer employees. But a favorite is the annual $2,000 stipend to travel and stay in an Airbnb listing around the world. And when they’re not jet-setting, employees get to enjoy the wonders of the world right in their office: Conference rooms are each modeled after a popular Airbnb listing—an apartment in Berlin, a loft in SoHo, a lounge in Hong Kong, even a treehouse!

Travel lovers rejoice—and find your next job at Airbnb.

Jobs at Airbnb

5. World Wildlife Fund

As the world’s leading conservation organization, World Wildlife Fund supports projects focused on saving wildlife species and their habitats—while also supporting employee satisfaction. The panda—one of the species the organization works to save—has become the relatable representative of WWF’s mission, so much so that the company has created a tradition of “Panda Fridays” where employees get every other Friday off.

Long weekends galore, here we come.

Jobs at World Wildlife Fund

6. Pinterest

Pinterest has all the fun perks you would expect from a young tech company: foosball tables, food trucks, onsite massages, flexible vacation policy, weekly happy hours, and the works.

But for anyone not imbibing (and expecting), Pinterest offers a unique spin on the parental leave policy, with three paid months off, an additional month of part-time hours, and counseling sessions to help make your transition back into work a smooth one.

Jobs at Pinterest

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