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20 Careers with the Most Job Security for 2023

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Even if you’re somebody who’s finely tuned their news alerts, who’s always keeping up on the latest economic reports and following any mass layoffs closely, you might be headed into 2023 with little to no idea what the job market is going to look like in a few months let alone a few years. Will there be a recession? Will wages continue to lag behind inflation? Will companies continue to slash their workforces?

I don’t know. I’m not an economist. And they don’t know for sure either.

But amid all this uncertainty, there are signs that indicate some careers are probably going to be more stable than others. U.S. News & World Report has released its 2023 lists of best jobs, including the best jobs for 2023 overall and the top 20 careers with the most job security based on:

  • The number and percentage growth of projected openings between 2021 and 2031
  • Median salary
  • Unemployment rate
  • Employer satisfaction level
  • Competition level for job openings
  • Stress levels
  • Work-life balance

So if you’re looking for the right career for you or just seeking some peace of mind about the one you’re already in, these jobs are likely to let you sleep a little easier at night—and be more confident about where your paycheck is coming from.

Of the 20 most secure jobs, a whopping 13 are in health or healthcare (OK, 12 are in human healthcare). But that doesn’t mean you need to start applying to med school—these careers range from dental to mental health and requirements span from a professional certification to many years of post-secondary schooling.

The second most common career category on the stable jobs list? Technology. Sure, layoffs at tech giants like Amazon or Meta make headlines, but web, software, database, and IT professionals are becoming more ubiquitous at companies across industries.

Here’s what U.S. News determined were the top 20 most secure jobs for 2023, along with salary info and projected job growth according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) as well as links to job openings right here on The Muse.

Respiratory therapist

Average salary 2021: $61,830

Projected growth rate 2021-2031: 14%

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Web developer

Average salary: $78,300 

Projected growth rate: 23%

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Cardiovascular technologist

Average salary: $60,570

Projected growth: 4.6%

Find cardiovascular technologist jobs on The Muse

Epidemiologist or medical scientist

Average salary for epidemiologists: $78,830

Projected growth for epidemiologists: 26%

Average salary for medical scientists: $95,310

Projected growth for medical scientists: 17%

Find epidemiologist and medical scientist jobs on The Muse

Financial analyst

Average salary: $95,570

Projected growth: 9%

Find financial analyst jobs on The Muse

Environmental science and protection technician

School psychologist

Average salary: $78,780

Projected growth: 6%

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Database administrator

Average salary: $101,000 

Projected growth: 9%

Find database administrator jobs on The Muse

Registered nurse

Average salary: $77,600 

Projected growth: 6%

Find registered nurse jobs on The Muse

Medical and health services manager

Average salary: $101,340

Projected growth: 28%

Find medical and health services manager jobs on The Muse

Landscaper and groundskeeper

Average salary: $34,424 

Projected growth: 5%

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Average salary: $100,370

Projected growth: 19%

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Medical records technician

Average salary: $46,660

Projected growth: 7%

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Physical therapist

Average salary: $95,620

Projected growth: 17%

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Information security analyst

Average salary: $102,600

Projected growth: 35%

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Average salary: $208,000

Projected growth: 5%

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Physician assistant

Average salary: $121,530

Projected growth: 28%

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Average salary: $160,370

Projected growth: 6%

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Software developer

 Average salary: $120,730

Projected growth: 26%

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Nurse practitioner

Average salary: $120,680

Projected growth: 46%

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