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We do it every year: In January, we tell ourselves we’re going to crush it in our careers. And then February, and March, and April come around, and we find ourselves no better, smarter, or more successful than last year.

Well, what if that could change? What if we actually accomplished what we said we’d do?

You can laugh (I see you, don’t lie), but I know for a fact that picking up new and exciting skills is a lot easier and faster than it seems—all you have to do is sign up for an online course. No paperwork, no huge time commitment, no shuttling yourself to various locations in the hopes of boosting your resume.

So, I’ve compiled some of my favorite courses and resources for just about any resolution-breaker. Let’s start this year off right, shall we?

1. If You Want to Get the Hype and Learn to Code: HTML and CSS by Codecademy

Never coded before, but interested in exploring it? Picking up HTML and CSS is a great place to start—with these two languages, you can build a website from scratch!

Length: 3 and 11 hours

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2. If You Want to Become a Better Writer: Make Your Writing Stand Out in 8 Easy Steps by Udemy

Learn the fundamentals of being an engaging, persuasive, and professional writer—no matter what you’re writing—from a true writing expert. Plus, you can finish this short class easily in a day.

Length: 2 hours, 6 minutes/ 23 lectures

3. If You Want to Pick Up a New Language: Duolingo

Want a fun and easy way to teach yourself Spanish, French, Chinese, and more? Duolingo is the perfect app to take your learning on-the-go, so you can become fluent in no time, with little restriction.

Length: Varies

4. If You Want to Actually Understand How to Use Excel: Introduction to Microsoft Excel 2016 for Absolute Beginners by Udemy

2018 just might be your year for being a (real) Microsoft Excel expert—rather than someone who just puts it on their resume. It may help you get better at your job, take on new assignments, or even just stay organized—you won’t know until you try!

Length: 3 hours, 14 minutes/ 29 lectures

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5. If You Want to Master the Art of Selling: Effective Communication and Sales Techniques by Alison

Ready to hit your goals every quarter this year? It might be worth brushing up on some killer sales techniques (don’t worry, this class won’t take you long).

Length: 2-3 hours

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6. If You Want to Craft a Killer Personal Brand: Personal Branding Essentials: Making the Most of Squarespace by Skillshare

You’ve heard about it, and now you’ve decided to make one: your very own personal website. This tutorial will not only help you create one that’s visually stunning and optimal for the kind of brand you want to portray, but it will also help you maintain your presence and get the most out of your site.

Length: 1 hour, 15 minutes/ 15 videos

7. If You Want to Be a Stronger Public Speaker: Conquering the Fear of Public Speaking by Udemy

Whether you’re giving presentations to five people or 55 people this year, get over your fears and nail the speech after taking this quick course.

Length: 37 minutes/ 8 lectures

8. If You Want to Get Really Good at Data: Understanding Data Analysis and Reports in Google Analytics by Alison

This course will walk you through Google Analytics, a free resource for collecting and analyzing data. Armed with this new skill, you’ll be able to spot trends in your company’s work, track campaigns, understand data best practices, and ultimately make informative decisions for your business.

Length: 1-2 hours

9. If You Want to Nail Down Your Critical Thinking: Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving by edX

Succeeding in the working world all comes down to soft skills. No matter what field you’re in, knowing how to think big and think smart will get you far. This course, full of tangible techniques for drawing connections and solving problems, is worth giving a browse.

Length: 3 weeks, 6-8 hours a week

10. If You Want to Branch Out a Bit Creatively: Photoshop Fundamentals in One Hour by Skillshare

Sure, you can’t become a professional artist or designer tomorrow, but you can start to gather the basics. This beginner class will walk you through Photoshop so that you can launch from there into a variety of creative tracks.

Length: 38 minutes/ 6 videos

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Aching to pick up even more skills? We offer classes right here on The Muse for all kinds of professionals (especially the learning kind).