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11 Companies That Fully Embrace Hybrid Work (and They’re Hiring!)

Two Hachette Book Group employees talking while doing down a spiral stairway in the office.
An inside look at Hachette Book Group’s office in Philadelphia, as seen on The Muse.

While some people love working from home 100% of the time, it’s not for everyone. Plenty of folks want the flexibility to choose between taking meetings from their couch or putting on real clothes and going to the office, where collaboration and connection happens more seamlessly than in a fully virtual setting. And companies like the ones below are taking notice—which is why each of them has adopted a hybrid approach to work.

Here, you’ll find companies of all sizes and industries putting their own spin on what hybrid means. Some employers, like Autodesk, give employees the choice between remote, hybrid, and office work; others, like UnitedMasters and Hachette Book Group, have a set number of in-office and WFH days per week.

So if you want the freedom to work the way that suits you best, consider applying to one of these companies. They’re all hiring now!


Autodesk company profile
Autodesk  culture
Working at Autodesk

We believe flexibility in how and where work gets done is good for our people and teams. Embracing a hybrid-first model allows us to better meet the needs of our dynamic, growing business while also driving productivity, connection, and belonging. We know a diverse workforce makes us better at what we do, so we hire employees from across the globe and give them the freedom to work where they’re most productive, whether that’s in an office, at home, or hybrid. This approach allows us to be more inclusive, as well as hire and retain an amazingly diverse and talented workforce.

The Muse 2022 VIBE Awards Winner: Best Companies for Vacation and Time Off, Parental Benefits, Work Flexibility, Financial and Retirement Benefits (honorable mention), Health and Wellness Benefits (honorable mention), and Office Life and Perks (honorable mention).


Allstate company profile
Allstate  culture
Working at Allstate

For Allstaters, gone are the days of long daily commutes and dedicated desk spaces. The majority of Allstate’s workforce will work in a virtual setting within a hybrid or home-based arrangement and only a very small percentage of employees will be based in an office full time. About 75% of Allstate employees work from home (compared to 20% before the pandemic), 24% are hybrid, and 1% are office-based.


SUSE company profile
SUSE  culture
Working at SUSE

Agility and flexibility are at the heart of everything we do at SUSE. Unless a role requires a specific work model, our team members can select the best option for them. This high degree of autonomy gives our teams an opportunity to do their work in the most effective way. About 75% of our workforce is home based, 15% is hybrid, and only 10% is office based. Placements can only be in a location where we have an entity set up; each job typically has a specific country/countries attached, although the candidate can be from anywhere in that country.


UnitedMasters company profile
UnitedMasters  culture
Working at UnitedMasters

We value the relationships, ideas, decisions, and business results that are facilitated through face-to-face interactions in the workplace. We also respect that not all work needs to be performed in our company’s on-site locations. We've adopted a hybrid work model that allows employees to work remotely two days a week, and to be in the office three days a week. Additionally, our Work From Away benefit allows hybrid employees to work remotely from anywhere for up to four full weeks per year. Some roles that have a limited need to be in office may also be designated as fully remote.

The Muse 2022 VIBE Awards Winner: Best Companies for Financial and Retirement Benefits.


Alation company profile
Alation  culture
Working at Alation

At Alation, remote work has always been a part of our culture. And since June 2021, we have established a new policy: “Work From ALMOST Anywhere.” Today, about 95% of our team operates fully remote—with a few exceptions of fun in-person work events.

Hachette Book Group

Hachette Book Group company profile
Hachette Book Group  culture
Working at Hachette Book Group

Under Hachette’s hybrid work model, all staff members are required to work from the office two days per week (with the exception of those whose roles require full-time on-site presence, such as our facilities and warehouse colleagues). The goal of our hybrid model is to combine the best aspects of working in our offices and from our homes and elsewhere, and to provide the best support to our staff, business, customers, and authors.

Coleman Research

Coleman Research company profile
Coleman Research  culture
Working at Coleman Research

Coleman Research is changing the way our team works, which allows us to attract diverse talent from a broader range of locations. Our hybrid model offers employees a workspace wherever and however they work best. Whether it’s working at one of our five main office locations, a WeWork, or from home, we want employees to feel like their workspace is flexible.

Wilton Brands

Wilton Brands company profile
Wilton Brands  culture
Working at Wilton Brands

Our hybrid model is “minimum one-day per week and permanent half-day Fridays.” We don’t want anyone battling traffic when they could be spending that time with family or working on any of the amazing initiatives happening here at Wilton. We encourage collaboration and teams choosing which day(s) make sense to be in the office together as a team and also recognize that some roles, such as our product development and culinary roles, may require more than one day per week on site. Across our Naperville, IL, office, for example, we are actually averaging just over two days per week in person, which indicates this is a fun and dynamic place to be.

Brighthouse Financial

Brighthouse Financial company profile
Brighthouse Financial  culture
Working at Brighthouse Financial

At Brighthouse Financial, we’re committed to being a great place to work. That’s why we offer a flexible, hybrid work model that empowers and supports our employees. Recognizing that our employees are foundational to our success, we prioritize caring for them so that they can better thrive in all areas of life.

Ironwood Pharmaceuticals

Ironwood Pharmaceuticals company profile
Ironwood Pharmaceuticals  culture

​​In 2022, we launched a hybrid working environment to provide most employees with the option to work in the office or remotely. Employees who work in our headquarters often come together three to five days each month, which helps strengthen our flexible and collaborative culture.


Opendoor company profile
Opendoor  culture
Working at Opendoor

Opendoor has a hybrid-remote workplace model to reflect the needs of its business and employees. Depending on the role, teammates can either be fully remote, flexible, or based in an office.

The Muse 2022 VIBE Awards Winner: Best Companies for Parental Benefits and Vacation and Time Off (honorable mention).

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