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9 Ways to Make it Through the Day When You Can't Keep Your Eyes Open

Ideally, we’d all get eight hours of sleep every night and wake up feeling refreshed, excited, and happy to start our day. However, that’s rarely the case—and you’ve probably found yourself pulling an all-nighter or two during your career, or at least staying up way past your desired bedtime.

Whether you were up late working on an urgent project or you just stayed awake to watch horrible TV (guilty as charged), showing up for work the next day when you’re running on little or no sleep is tough. Luckily, these resources will help you pull through without having to take stealthy naps in your cubicle between meetings.

  1. When you’re running on empty, never underestimate the power of delegating to others and prioritizing what really needs to get done. (Entrepreneur)
  2. There’s a reason the good old “eat well and exercise” adage holds true when you’re exhausted: It works. (Lifehacker)
  3. Be like 5 Gum and stimulate your senses: Turn on more lights, talk to people, and move around. (Lifehack)
  4. Think cold: Turn up the AC, drink cold water, and chew spearmint gum. (Marc and Angel)
  5. Don’t have time (or room) to fully exercise? Get a couple of desk stretches in. (Greatist)
  6. Trying to steer clear of a caffeine overload? These foods are just as good as your cup of joe. (Zen Habits)
  7. If you really want to get technical, try this hourly plan to get through your day after an all-nighter. (Science of Us)
  8. If you really feel like you’re going to fall over if you don’t get some shut-eye, learn the art of the power nap. (Gizmodo)
  9. Regardless of how you feel, always make sure you dress the part. Look good, feel good, right? (The Daily Muse)

Photo of sleepy man courtesy of Shutterstock.