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9 Tricks for Falling Asleep Quickly (Even if You're Stressing About Work)

Having trouble falling asleep? You’re not alone: Nearly one-third of the population suffers from insomnia, which can lead to problems like lack of concentration, increased irritability, and general tiredness throughout the day. Just imagine what would happen if all of those people actually fell asleep quickly and stayed asleep. Everyone would arrive to the office a whole lot more cheery, and a whole lot more willing to get great work done.

If the old method of counting sheep just isn’t cutting it for you at night, one of these nine other techniques could do the trick.

  1. The science-based 4-7-8 breathing technique claims it can get anyone to sleep in just 60 seconds. (Medical Daily)
  2. Time to head to the thermostat: The human body sleeps better in cold temperatures, so a quick adjustment could be just what you need. (Mercola)
  3. Ban all electronics from your bedside table. It turns out the blue light from your phone or tablet is interfering with your body’s ability to fall asleep. (The Washington Post)
  4. You probably use a pillow for your head, but placing pillows elsewhere (like under your stomach or between your legs) could help your body feel more comfortable. (Dr. Weil)
  5. People always talk about having a regular morning routine, but do you have a consistent evening routine? (Lifehacker)
  6. Yes, some people are skeptical of things like acupuncture and herbal remedies, but if you’re curious, certain acupressure points are said to induce relaxation and sleep. (Acupressure)
  7. Get your exercise in during the day. Doing so has all sorts of benefits, and getting to sleep quickly and staying asleep longer are definitely up there. (CNN)
  8. Adjusting your sleeping position could make all the difference. (Greatist)
  9. Take a cue from some of history’s most successful people: It may help to change when you’re going to sleep and for how long. (The Daily Muse)

Photo of sheep courtesy of Shutterstock.