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9 Day-in-the-Life Stories From People With Awesome Jobs


Sometimes you’ll ask the “What do you do?” question and immediately think to yourself, “Well, that sounds like the worst!” But other times, the response will make you say “That’s so cool, tell me more!” or “Amazing, but what does that actually entail?”

Below are nine stories of people with interesting (and sometimes misunderstood) careers and what a day in their lives really looks like.

  1. Divorce may not be the happiest topic, but the TMZ-proclaimed “disso-queen” Laura Wasser lives a very interesting life as the top divorce lawyer for the rich and famous. (Bloomberg)
  2. Ever wondered what it’s like to be a sports agent? NFL agent Kelli Masters has a lot of grit to thrive in such a male-dominated environment. (Cosmopolitan)
  3. Setting your own hours might sound nice in theory, but here’s what the life of a freelancer is really like from sunup to sundown. (Contently)
  4. We’ve all heard the tales of sleeping on couches and eating nonstop ramen when you’re a new startup founder, but turns out life is just as full-throttle once your company becomes successful. (Inc.)
  5. “Product manager” is one of those titles that makes you stop and say, “But what does that actually mean?” If you’re wondering, Catherine Shyu's breakdown is full of great information. (Medium)
  6. Many people are drawn to Microsoft’s long and innovative history. Here’s a rundown of what it takes to get there and what a day at the office is really like. (Career Contessa)
  7. You’ve probably heard Uber driver stories (and might even have some of your own), but this female driver gives you the real lowdown on the position. (Refinery29)
  8. Here’s a fun one: What do professional photographers have to deal with other than just taking photos?
  9. Fun fact: Engineers do a whole lot more than sit in front of their computer screens all day. (The Daily Muse)