Do you often find yourself locked in a staring competition with the clock, willing it to hit 5 PM so you can finally leave the office? You’ve done every task on your to-do list for today, tomorrow, and even the day after, but somehow there’s still time to spare. Maybe you even find yourself hitting refresh on your inbox, hopeful that you’ll get something (anything?) to add to your plate.

Sound familiar? I’ve been there before, and it’s not the most fun to be bored at work. And I’m not proud of it, but I’ve run the gamut of taking office laps, extra trips to the kitchen, and even long breaks (we called it “taking executive lunch”) to help the long workday pass more quickly.

Fortunately, it didn’t take me long to find smarter ways to take advantage of that extra time, like reading career articles, and building myself a website. So, in order to help you use that those hours a little more wisely, I’ve rounded up all the best articles:

1. Ask a Career Coach: I’ve Got a Good Job, But I’m Bored. What Should I Do?

Here’s free advice (addressing possibly your exact situation!) from an actual career coach. You’re welcome.

2. 4 Things to Try if You’re Bored at Work But Not Ready to Quit Yet

Trust us, it’s easier to try these tips first than to jump straight into another job hunt.

3. How to Be Seen as a Thought Leader in Just 15 Minutes a Week

If you’ve ever wanted to try to establsh yourself as an expert in a subject you already know plenty about—here’s your chance. Spend those extra minutes working your way toward thought leadership. And at the very least, you’ll become a better writer.

4. Everything You Need to Know About Online Classes (if You Want to Boost Your Career)

Education doesn’t stop after college—in fact learning something new is always a good strategy to beat boredom and continue getting ahead.

5. The Right Way to Run Out the Clock at Work When You Can’t Leave Early

And here’s a task for each day of the week that’ll help make you more organized, productive, and most importantly: help you burn through the workday faster.

6. Being the Most Confident Person in the Room Is Much Easier Than You Thought

With all that time to kill, why not take a stab at improving some of your soft skills? You’ve got nothing to lose other than the time you’re trying to fill. And it’s worth it: Working on your confidence will help you shine at the next all-hands meeting and in your social life.

7. 30 Free Ways to Find the Answer to “What Should I Do With My Life?”

And if you’re so bored that you think it’s time to find your life passion, we have 30 free ways for you to explore just that.

Updated 6/19/2020