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6 Ways to Make Your Desk So Much Cozier (Now That It's Dark When You Leave)

As the weather gets colder, it’s becoming harder and harder to pry yourself out of bed every morning and make your way to work. And you probably find yourself daydreaming about snuggling on your couch with a hot cup of tea when you should be planning for that big presentation or paying attention to that important meeting.

So, instead of going all the way home to feel cozy and snug, we’re giving you six easy DIY ways to bring that warm, homey feeling you crave into your office space. It’ll (almost) make you want to stay at work longer.

1. Keep Your Hands Warm

Photo courtesy of Sadie Seasongoods

There’s nothing (and I mean nothing!) worse than having to type with frozen fingers. Whether a co-worker insists on leaving the window open or your boss loves turning down the heat, it happens.

Since typing with gloves isn’t a realistic option, make some re-usable hand warmers that you can keep in your desk drawer. If you want to confuse your stomach, add a few drops of vanilla or brown sugar essential oils. Suddenly, your area will smell like cookies!

2. Have Your Favorite Fragrance Close By

Photo courtesy of Soap Deli News

Speaking of food, is there any flavor cozier (or yes, more basic) than pumpkin spice? Instead of running out of the office for a fall-themed coffee every time you crave that, create a DIY air freshener that does it on demand. Just remember to be aware of your co-workers who may not love that smell as much as you.

3. Decorate Your Desk With Warm Patterns and Fabrics

Photo courtesy of The Cofran Home

When you picture the coziest setting you can think of, there’s bound to be a bit of flannel or sweater tucked in there somewhere. Those fabrics are what make or break a comfy moment, so you might want to think about incorporating them into your desk decor. While an oversized flannel shirt hanging on your chair might not look professional, a knit scarf is the perfect thing to wrap around your shoulders.

Looking for something even more original? Try adding charming checkered coasters or a Christmas-sweater mousepad.

4. Think Warm Thoughts

Photo courtesy of Organized 31

If cold-weather coziness isn’t your speed (or you just want to forget that snow exists all-together), just do the opposite and focus on a more tropical ambiance. Add a little beach to your office—and reminisce about that time you went to a warm place—by making sea glass storage jars. A few shells and some sand will remind you of those amazing vacation days and keep you going until your next trip.

(And if that’s not enough, check out these 19 bright and sunny items you can buy, too.)

5. Surround Yourself With Comfy Items

Photo courtesy of Nourish and Nestle

Still feeling like winter is creeping into your office? Make your desk look comfy and warm with an easy-to-knit chunky throw blanket, or keep your feet happy with a DIY t-shirt rug. With these in sight, you’ll be a little less inclined to run home at the end of the day.

6. Cozy Up Your Favorite Supplies

Photo courtesy of Nur Noch

Your desk is not complete without your own personal touch, so why not dress up your favorite supplies? No really! Add some fun to your mini cactus or succulent (if you don’t have one, look here for a cheap option) with a shrunken patterned sweater.

Or, organize your pens and pencils with this desk organizer. Or, make a cozy for your favorite mug out of an old flannel shirt.

Photo of person cozy courtesy of Lumina Images/Getty Images.