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5 Changes You Can Make to Your Bedroom That'll Make Waking Up Easier

The key to a great day, says leadership expert and author Robin Sharma, is “mind over mattress.”

Yes, the first few moments of the morning might be the toughest, but according to some of the most successful people out there, jumping out of bed first thing will set a productive tone for the rest of your day.

And if a good day begins with a good wake-up, you can’t just count on your coffee to get the job done—you need the right setting, too. From mixing in some encouraging colors to changing up your natural lighting, there are a number of ways to transform your bedroom into a motivating space without putting in too much extra effort (or money).

1. Add Life to Your Bedroom

Photo courtesy of Lilikoi Joy

If you’re having trouble waking up, it’s very possible you’re not getting enough sleep. While you’ve probably read all the tips, tricks, and hacks on fixing that before, you probably didn’t know that literally adding more life to your room can also help.

Studies show that the presence of plants creates a more calming environment. And some, like the Snake Plant, can improve your air quality while you sleep by converting CO2 into oxygen during the night.

2. Decorate With Motivation in Mind

Photo courtesy of Lake Girl Paints

This one’s a bit more obvious, no? If you need motivation to get going in the morning, make sure it’s the very first thing you see when you open your eyes. Turn your bedroom into your own personal cheerleader by displaying messages that encourage you to jump up and start moving. Stick to whatever works for you—whether that’s impressionist paintings for the walls, inspirational (and adorable) kitten-themed throw pillows, decorative framed quotes from your heroes, or encouraging family photos.

3. Get Organized

Photo courtesy of Lindsey Crafter

Nothing adds to the morning stress quite like waking up to a mess that you need to sort through. So, the more organized you are, the easier (and more tempting) it'll be to get your day going.

That means keeping your desk free of paper piles, your nightstand clear of cups, and your bed laundry-free. And if closet clutter is slowing down your morning progress, stop accepting it as the way it is. Every closet—no matter how small or oddly-shaped—can be made more efficient. For example, you can easily add hanging space to the door.

4. Use Colors That’ll Inspire You

Photo courtesy of Southern Revivals

As you’ve probably read before, colors play a huge role in your emotional state—and that’s something you can use to your advantage. For example, blues and greens are considered soothing and relaxing, so use those if you need help staying stress-free (even as your inbox starts piling up). Red, on the other hand, can raise your energy levels, making that the perfect color to sprinkle around if you tend to fall back asleep.

Just make sure to stay away from darker, flatter colors, like various shades of brown—waking up to that could zap your morning drive and make hitting snooze more appealing than ever.

5. Use the Right Kind of Light

Photo courtesy of Mad In Crafts

According to studies—and probably, your own personal experience—“light tells the brain it is time to wake up.” Waking up to sunlight is more enjoyable because natural light causes your body to stop releasing the sleep hormone melatonin—making the whole opening your eyes process far less painful.

And the good news is that you don’t need a pricey sunrise-style alarm clock to simulate natural increasing light—instead, try hanging thin, white curtains instead of darker, heavier ones or covering your windows with a privacy film.

Enjoy your new place among the productive morning people of the world. If all it takes is some organization and learning to keep your new potted plants alive and well, it’s worth it!

Photo of woman waking up courtesy of Shutterstock.