I’m a total snoozer. For example, when I excitedly decide the night before to set my alarm for 7:30 to get up early, make an elaborate breakfast, and have a productive morning, what I really mean is that I’ll wake up at 7:30, reset my alarm for 7:45, then 8:00, 8:15, 8:25, 8:30, and so on before I actually get out of bed (and then I’ll have a Pop-Tart to-go).

However, hitting that snooze button isn’t that great for me. Or you—yes, I know you’re a snoozer.

So, I took it upon myself to do some internet digging and find better ways to wake up—from cool apps to even cooler alarm clocks. Trust me, these solutions are merciless—and could totally change the way you start your day.

Choose your weapon and take back your mornings!

1. Alarm Clock Xtreme

Alarm Clock Xtreme lets you customize your wake-up call in the best way for you. Choose a sound that increases in volume, solve a puzzle to unlock your alarm, or even press an extra large snooze button that’ll prevent you from accidentally (and intentionally) turning it off.

Available On: Android

2. Wake N Shake

With the Wake N Shake app, you can only turn your alarm off by rigorously shaking your phone. Its motto? “No snooze button. No mercy.” Plus, it also works for quick naps, so you won’t get stuck in a deep, dangerous sleep.

Available On: iOS

3. Sleep Cycle

Because waking up is all about timing, Sleep Cycle monitors your sleep patterns throughout the night and sets an alarm during your lightest sleep cycle. Just place it on your nightstand or pillow when you go to bed. If all goes according to plan, you’ll wake up way less tired.

Available On: iOS and Android

4. Rise

Rise has a gentler approach to mornings. This artistically appealing app is simple to use and lets you choose soothing morning noises. Bonus: It also has all kinds of sound ambiance to help you fall asleep, too.

Available On: iOS

5. Morning Routine

Morning Routine has a unique method—barcode scanning. Yes, that’s right, the app requires you to scan an item in your room to turn off your alarm, forcing you to get out of bed (and possibly take inventory of your shower bottles).

Available On: Android


CARROT’s mission is to make waking up fun. Instead of simply swiping right to turn off your alarm, this witty app forces you to complete a series of random “chores” to switch it off. As a reward for getting out of bed, it also lets you collect upgrades, new songs, and even a set of bedtime stories (because you’re never too old for those).

Available On: iOS

7. Rise & Shine

If you’re already sick of winter, this app’s perfect for you. Rise & Shine wakes you up naturally by gradually increasing the light on your phone and displaying a picture of nature—meaning you don’t have to worry about all those jarring alarm sounds or waking up in the dark.

Available On: iOS

8. RadiOn

RadiOn starts the morning off the way we used to back in the day—by streaming 50,000 radio channels (OK, maybe not exactly like the ol’ times) that’ll get you up and out—and informed!

Available On: iOS and Android

9. Spin Me

If shaking, games, and bright lights just don’t cut it, Spin Me will. The app requires you to physically get out of bed and spin around in order to shut it off. Seriously, there’s no possible way you could cheat on this one.

Available On: iOS and Android

10. I Can’t Wake Up!

And just for good measure, the I Can’t Wake Up! app has eight different tasks for you to try on your snoozing skills, from math equations, to memory tests, to writing exercises. Oh, and if you fall back asleep, it’ll be able to track that, too—and won’t let you get away with it.

Available On: iOS and Android

11. Target Alarm Clock

For all the big gamers out there, this clock requires you to sit up and hit the bullseye in order to shut off all noises. Even if you don’t get it at first, at least you’ll still be awake!

12. Propeller Alarm Clock

How about waking up to the sound of airplanes? That’ll probably work. This one shoots off a propeller when it’s time to get up, leaving you chasing down the flying object in your pajamas.

13. Banclock

Who says you can’t multitask in the morning? Save money and shut your alarm off at the same time with Banclock, the device that asks for a coin every morning. Then, you can use that money to reward yourself for all the times you didn’t snooze!

14. Sonic Bomb Alarm

I guarantee this alarm will wake you up—actually, I’d bet big money on that. With a combination of ultra-loud sounds and a bed vibrator, there’s no way you could sleep through this.

15. Clocky

This adorable timer on wheels will hop off your nightstand, run around the room, and wait for you to catch it—making sure you’re really up.

16. Cube LED Alarm Clock

If you were ever a big fan of the “clap on” lights, you’ll love this clock. This simple and modern design turns on and off by clapping your hands, letting you decide when you want to see the time (and when you really don’t).

17. The Peaceful Progression Wakeup Clock

This clock is as peaceful as it sounds. It’ll wake you up with serene nature sounds, stimulating aromas, and gradual lighting—creating the ultimate environment for you to start your day.

18. Crane Game Alarm Clock

Turn your bedroom into an arcade with the Crane Game Clock. In order to turn it off, you have to play the game and catch a ball to win—basically, the worst game for sleepy heads.

19. Flip Alarm Clock

Rather than boring old switches, this device needs to be flipped on both sides to turn the clock on and off, requiring the user to use a bit of muscle strength in the morning.

20. The Philips Wake-Up Light

And if you’re more of a visual person, the Wake-Up Light uses the illusion of natural sunlight to stimulate your senses and project a happy morning, every day—even when it’s cloudy outside.

See? There’s an alarm clock that works for everyone—no matter how stubborn and grouchy you tend to be in the morning. Test your favorite and let me know how it goes on Twitter!

Photo of alarm clock courtesy of Shutterstock.

Updated 6/19/2020