When I’m stressed, I tend to become so overwhelmed that I actually accomplish none of the things I set out to do. I’ll complain to friends, look online for easy solutions, or just give up and lay in bed—unable to sleep. It’s frustrating, but I’ve come to realize that my anxiety is making me less productive than if I just took a deep breath, jotted down my list of to-dos, and tackled one thing at a time.

So, I turned to social media for help. I figured if I could find some quick and easy ways to conquer my own feelings, I’d be able to better concentrate on more important things—and in the process, help you all as well!

And thank goodness for Twitter, because there’s a lot of great advice out there for ways to de-stress in a timely manner. Plus, I love any excuse to cry, sing in the shower, and eat chocolate. Besides that, here are some other fun tips I found:

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Updated 6/19/2020