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16 To-Do Lists That'll Make You Excited to Check (Even More) Things Off

Finish report by 10 AM. Send email to Jeff on meeting. Call building super.

Are you bored of your typical to-do list? Don’t you wish you could get excited to complete everyday tasks? Do I sound like an infomercial yet, and you’re waiting for me to offer you some robot that does all your work for you? Sorry, I haven’t invented that yet.

All kidding aside, nobody likes long lists. Even more so, nobody likes to see all of his chores laid out on a bland notepad, mocking him to do them already.

It’s time for a to-do list makeover—and I’ve got 16 awesome options to choose from. After this, you’ll never use a normal Post-it note or basic planner again.

1. Sushi Memo Blocks, $19

Keep your notes bite-sized, and easily manageable, with these adorable sticky notes.

2. Origami Sticky Notepad, $6

Or, for the more creative, reward your efforts with a challenging art project.

3. “Let’s Do This” Pen to Paper Mousepad, $12

This mousepad is multitasking in its best form—a convenient way to take notes and browse the web at the same time.

4. Walls Notebook, $11

This crafty notebook will make you feel like a rebel—without having to actually graffiti your office walls.

5. No’Pad Dry Erase Ceramic Notepad, $18

Save paper, and the environment, with this simple dry erase board slash “notepad.”

6. AquaNotes Waterproof Notes, $8

As it says, never let any good idea “go down the drain” by bringing your shower thoughts with you into, well, the shower.

7. Post-it Pop-up Note Camera Dispenser, $12

You’ll be grabbing notes left and right (and getting stuff done) with this fun dispenser.

8. Donut Notepad, $5

Donut let any task go unnoticed. (See what I did there?)

9. Sloth “Do Not Want To Do” Notepad, $8

Honesty is sometimes the best policy—so have a to-do list that tells it as it is. Perfect for the undeniably lazy.

10. Roller Notes, $8

Paint the town with checklists (or maybe stick with just your desk).

11. Instant Happy Sticky Notes, $9

Not happy to do those to-dos? Well, these are guaranteed to bring a smile to your face—and everyone else’s you share them with.

12. 18th Hole Pen & Notepad, $6

For the hard workers who would rather be hitting the course. (And, if you get it all done, you can actually play golf.)

13. “Things I’ll Forget to Remember” Keyboard Notepad, $10

Keep those pesky reminders right in front of your face, or should I say keyboard, at all times.

14. To-Do List Stamps, $18

Feel like making your own to-do list? These stamps will make just about any paper, notebook, Post-it, or general surface your ideal place to jot down notes.

15. Chalk Talk Mug, $16

Sometimes your best ideas come out in the morning—don’t let them get away by writing them down on your coffee mug.

16. Jumbo Mobile Memos, $6

To make a big statement, make your list so giant and bright that no one can avoid it (especially you).

And, if you’re more of a paperless person, here’s 10 to-do apps that should do the trick!

Hopefully these unique ideas are just what you need to get off your butt and get to work on tackling those responsibilities. But, if not, tweet me the fun ways you organize your to-dos!