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15 Short Videos Guaranteed to Cheer You Up When You’re Having a Bad Day at Work

If you’re having a horrible week, if you’ve had a stressful couple hours, if today is dragging by, if you’re waiting to hear back about a job you really, really want, we’re here for you.

And because at The Muse nothing cheers us up more than silly videos, we’ve compiled our favorites to brighten up your day (even if it’s just for a little bit). Seriously, try getting through just five of these without your mood doing a full 180—we dare you.

1. This Polar Bear Petting a Dog

2. This Better Version of a Taylor Swift Song

3. This Duck and Dog Playing Tag

4. This Really Excited Emu With Arms

5. This Dog Hiding Under Another Dog

6. This Guy Dancing

7. This Zebra Dancing

8. This Mom Dancing

9. This Very in Sync Cat

10. This Baby Elephant’s First Time on a Beach

11. These Puppies Experiencing Things for the First Time

12. This Teddy Bear Slash Puppy

13. This Cat Freaking Out Over a Hula Hoop

14. This Really Happy Duck

15. This Dog Who Loves Ball Pits

What videos make everything better when things aren’t going great for you? Tell me on Twitter!

Photo of people laughing courtesy of Westend61/Getty Images.

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