We no longer live in a world where you toil away in a cubicle all day while your manager hides behind a closed-off office. Yes, these kinds of places still exist, but more and more companies are realizing that employees are happier and work better in alternative environments.

Which is why these 15 companies have truly redefined the workplace by designing remarkable spaces and policies that help employees feel motivated and engaged—think everything from flexibile workspaces and in-office yoga studios to open door policies and hack days.

If you’re looking for a change of pace—and a lot more freedom—take a look at one of these modern-day companies.

1. Dropbox

Dropbox company profile
Dropbox culture
Working at Dropbox

Dropbox simplifies the way people work together. With 150,000 businesses on Dropbox Business, the company is transforming everyday workflows and entire industries.

Dropbox employees benefit from a collaborative environment with opportunities to grow, with everything from flexible work schedules to no meeting Wednesdays to walls coated in whiteboard paint. A fan favorite is Hack Week, which allows everyone to return to their innovative roots by poking around code or pursuing a professional interest—and often results in products and features that help shape how you work. A year ago, a Dropboxer developed Project Infinite during Hack Week to reimagine how people find, access, and collaborate with large amounts of data. Project Infinite will enable users to seamlessly and securely access all their Dropbox files from the desktop, regardless of how much space they have available on their hard drives.

2. NeueHouse

NeueHouse company profile
NeueHouse culture
Working at NeueHouse

NeueHouse is redefining how people work—transforming traditional office spaces into cubicle-free collaborative community experiences. By uniquely integrating prestigious hotel amenities and a culture of hospitality with a professional business environment, Neuehouse enables innovative like-minded creatives to master their craft in comfort.

Hospitality’s at the heart of NeueHouse’s modern take on professional accommodation, a workspace designed with exquisite aesthetic ambience by architect David Rockwell. The spacious 50,000-square-foot structure—with its exposed brick walls and industrial chic boutique decor—gives members access to a private restaurant, movie screenings, a broadcast studio, and the luxury lounge.

5. City of Houston

City of Houston company profile
City of Houston culture
Working at City of Houston

The City of Houston is no ordinary municipality: With a diverse and growing populace, the city has learned how to innovate like a tech company, giving the public sector a 21st century gleam.

One of the largest and fastest growing cities in the U.S. doesn’t keep up with the times by standing still. The City of Houston can change almost as rapidly as the people it services, and the folks in this government organization are dynamic, welcoming these ever-shifting circumstances with aplomb.

But at the end of the day, The City of Houston cares about its employees’ well-being and success: “It’s not a sink-or-swim type of culture. We’re very much wanting to invest in our employees and help them grow,” says Jesse Bounds, Deputy Assistant Director of Finance.

11. Gap Inc.

Gap Inc. company profile
Gap Inc. culture
Working at Gap Inc.

Gap Inc. has grown from a single store in 1969 to a global fashion business with five brands. The company is committed to equality and the advancement of women and was recognized for its efforts this year as the sole winner of the 2016 Catalyst Award.

In addition to its focus on equality, Gap Inc. strongly believes in developing its team, something that is best expressed with a simple acronym: GPS. GPS stands for “Grow, Perform, Succeed,” and it represents the company’s approach to performance—ensuring all employees have the chance to grow and succeed. Gap Inc. eliminated annual reviews and rating scales in favor of more frequent performance conversations, providing employees with real-time feedback on how they’re doing.

“We exhibit the will to win daily. It’s all about being better than what we were the day before,” explains Camille Austin, District Manager of Gap Factory.

12. Lever

Lever company profile
Lever culture
Working at Lever

Lever transforms outdated and impersonal hiring methods into a collaborative, enjoyable process for both applicants and decision-makers with an intelligent applicant tracking system. The software makes it easy for the entire company to be a part of the process, from sourcing and vetting potential candidates to interviewing and securing the next great employee.

Lever builds compatible teams—and the company’s team is no exception. To keep the fire burning after Leveroos are onboarded, leaders hand out the next book for the office’s book club. Daily lunches also give the team an opportunity to gather up and share answers to silly or serious round-table questions—which quickly turns colleagues into pals.

“Our managers truly lead and guide instead of having to manage in the traditional sense. It’s a very empowering environment,” says Phil Golding, Customer Success Manager.

15. Progressive Insurance

Progressive Insurance company profile
Progressive Insurance culture
Working at Progressive Insurance

Since 1937, Progressive has empowered insurance customers with quality, security, and protection. Progressive conveniently covers multiple policy and claim services—from auto to business to boat to homeowner—with bundling options.

With a beautiful campus and awesome amenities, it’s no wonder Progressive employees love what they do every day. The company’s open-seated setup, tech-savvy tools, collaborative meeting rooms, and wall-to-wall modern art collection inspire creativity.

The company also has a strong team-based culture and fast-paced atmosphere, and the most successful employees are flexible and curious. Progressive teams roll with the punches, find adventure in the unexpected, and take risks by executing inventive ideas that lead to positive change.

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Updated 6/19/2020