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11 Tips to Help You Navigate That Tricky Relationship Between Your Co-workers and Social Media

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Social media’s complicated. With so many different platforms, and their purposes and uses evolving every day, it can be hard to keep track of which ones you can use to your professional advantage—and which ones might actually be doing more harm to your career than good. Navigating work relationships is tricky enough in the office, and bringing them online only makes things more confusing.

That’s why we scoured the internet for the best resources, so you’re prepared to handle everything, from the unusual Snapchats to the infamous co-worker friend request.

  1. First things first, what actually constitutes social media at work these days? Here are nine common myths that show how it can be a helpful practice in the workplace. (The Next Web)

  2. When it comes to using any platform in the office, try to lay down some ground rules for yourself about what you should and shouldn’t be doing with it. (Acas)

  3. Not sure what to do when a co-worker friends you on Facebook? Art Markman, a Professor of Marketing and Psychology, says the best response might be no response. (Fast Company)

  4. If you’re dealing with a boss or potential employer being a little too social, it can feel like a lose-lose situation. When in doubt, redirect them to LinkedIn. (Lifehacker)

  5. There are plenty of rules already outlined about using Twitter for business, and the same general guidelines apply when you’re using it to interact with colleagues. (Forbes)

  6. We all know that co-worker who we wish we hadn’t added on Facebook. But think twice before you remove him: Ending things could get you into some legal trouble. (Adweek)

  7. What are some of the unspoken rules of maintaining your online presence? When in doubt, don’t bring your workplace relationships to the web before you understand how things work there. (Buffer)

  8. When it comes to working with young professionals, Snapchat sometimes feels like a given. Whether it comes second nature to you or you don’t get it at all, make sure to feel out the office norm before using it in the office. (TIME)

  9. Before you send that follow request, check in with yourself about why you’re connecting with your peers virtually. It makes sense to be in it for strengthening work friendships, but don’t blur your work life with your personal life if you don’t have to. (Miami Herald)

  10. We’ve all heard about and feared the ultimate social media nightmare: getting fired because of something you posted. Regardless of the platform, respectful behavior is a must-have everywhere. (CNBC)

  11. Not sure about how to get started in general? No worries, you can catch on in no time and look like an old pro. (The Daily Muse)