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11 Reasons You Might Want to Put Your Plan to Follow Your Passion on Hold

Here at The Muse, we think it’s so important that you love what you do for a living. But with that said, we’re realistic that getting there is a challenge you have to be prepared for.

We’ve played devil’s advocate in the past, and so we’re going to refresh your memory on all the times we’ve written about the truth behind dropping everything to go after your dream job. It’s not that you shouldn’t do it, it’s that you should think through what it really means.

After all, our goal is to ensure that you’re really making the right—and best—decision for you.

Here are 11 reasons why following your passion should be balanced with a healthy dose of reason:

  1. For starters, it’s pretty bad advice because it sounds too easy. Nothing worth fighting for is easy.
  2. Also, the problem with the whole concept in general is that it’s too big and broad.
  3. And it’s overrated because your interests tend to change over time.
  4. Plus, it’s important to consider not just what you’re really into now, but what you’re actually good at doing.
  5. Keep in mind that quitting your current job isn’t all fun and games—and it often times can involve a lot of career backtracking.
  6. Sometimes you need a bit of perspective, rather than a complete career switch.
  7. And it’s possible that you don’t need to change your field at all, but maybe just your position.
  8. Remember: There’s no such thing as the perfect job, even if your family and friends have bragged about theirs.
  9. If it makes you feel better, having too much passion can actually lead to burnout.
  10. The reality of life that we all must face is that you can love what you do, and it will still feel like work.
  11. Most importantly, finding the ideal job doesn’t mean you have to quit your day gig to pursue it.

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