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Frontend Developer

Vienna, Austria

Frontend (Cloud & Platforms) Developer

Create and maintain a broad range of cloud solutions for customers and internal use, involving both frontend and backend, featuring extended knowledge of scripting and static typesafe languages to further build out the kompany team's platform capabilities. Enrich the team with experience in following, extending and exercising agile SDLC practices on business and technical level end to end.

Engineering Skills:
Plan and Design architecture/projects with the team and in alignment with Assistant Dir.:
o identify a feasible solutions for a problem
o be able to evaluate Pro's and Con's given specification and anticipated architecture strategy
o be able to efficiently present and argue (eliminating irrelevant factors) about architecture to receive a decision

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demonstrate critical judgement weighing the benefit of a change vs its implications as well local and global impact
Actively participate and ensure system stability (pre-emptively ie during CRs/MRs as well as actively during outages)

Identify the right solutions to solve ambiguous, open-ended problems

Soft Skills:
Able to give constructive feedback
Excellent English communication capabilities, be able to paraphrase, explain, anticipate where to be as brief and as effective as possible vs where its necessary to be elaborate

Be in contact with stakeholders
support awareness as well as procedural correctness (while following it yourself) in peers
Capable to identify a delay in my progress and accordingly action or at least suggest a mitigation strategy to meet the deadline

Qualifications/required background:
3+ years' work experience in similar positions or University degree in IT background
Experience in working with international teams or excellent English skills
Web Development/Technology/Security standards, protocols, best practices
Preferably strong knowledge of statically type safe languages/paradigms in PHP, Typescript. Alternatively strong knowledge of comparable languages with the ability to adapt to the former
Preferably strong knowledge of dynamically typed languages/paradigms (like Javascript)
Knowledge of DevOps and/or CI/CD pipelines, how to use, extend and maintain
Knowledge of Agile Software Development and SDLC best practices and capability to adapt to adapted processes in place
Ability to translate a given design into a webpage with HTML, CSS, Javascript. Knowledge of SASS and Figma is a plus.
RDMS, concretely MariaDB
* Code Versioning, concretely GIT

Beneficial, not strictly required (will have to be learned/swiftly picked up on the job though):
o Graph Databases, Cypher
o Fulltext Indexing / Fulltext Search Engines
o SysOps basics, networking, ...
o SOA practices, message passing, asynchronous programming paradigms (promises, async/await, ... )

Client-provided location(s): Vienna, Austria
Job ID: moodys-3687
Employment Type: Other