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Lighthouse Academies

6-8 Middle School STEM Teachers for 2022-2023!

Pine Bluff, AR

ATTENTION - Are you a ROCKSTAR Educator in the areas of STEM looking to light up the education space?

Partner with Arkansas Lighthouse Academies (ALA) in our movement to empower scholars in the areas of Public Service, AgriSTEM, and Social Entrepreneurship. ALA educators are driven by the belief that it is their opportunity and job to engage, embrace and empower- every scholar, every voice, every day. We educate and mentor scholars as they strive to do the same in their local community and beyond. We want to engage you in becoming a designer of world-class learning experiences locally, globally, and for all.

At Arkansas Lighthouse Academies, we provide both scholars and the communities we serve the opportunity to experience education in schools "without walls" or limitations. Our Learning Never Ends model is the bedrock for the culturally responsive education and Beyond the Walls PBL concept provided to every scholar. We seek the most determined, creative, and adaptive educators to assist us in transforming our state through the promotion of social, economic and environmental learning, and leading a systemic education renaissance.

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Come join us in this endeavor at Pine Bluff Lighthouse Middle School Academy as we change the lives of scholars and communities through a Agri-STEM focused education!

Arkansas Lighthouse Academies (ALA) STEM facilitators help transform children's lives by being experts in their content areas, and co-creating environments (along with scholars) for learning to transpire. We are seeking facilitators who will commit to work with determination, integrity, and purpose. They enhance a a culture of achievement and respect where high expectations and results are the norm. All facilitators are responsible for the successful implementation of the education model (aligned to state standards) and interventions that result in measurable scholar academic gains each year. The facilitator's actions must always be aligned with the mission, vision, core values and goals of the education program. The essential functions for our facilitators are as follows:




? Use scholar achievement data to plan for differentiated instruction for small groups and individuals based on their unique learning needs so all scholars are appropriately engaged and challenged.

? Ensure scholars are engaged through activities and technology that accommodate various learning styles, personality styles, and the need for physical movement.

? Work with fellow members of content area/grade/school/district through the implementation of the PLC process to plan and ensure that learning objectives and goals for each unit are being met by all scholars.


? Present academic content through a variety of instructional strategies to reach all learners.

? Provide many and varied opportunities for scholars to achieve mastery while working to promote achievement by all scholars without exception.


? Facilitate the Response To Intervention (RTI) process and intervention services including screening, instructional interventions and progress monitoring.

? Work with fellow classroom teachers and other instructional staff members to understand and implement RTI for scholars.

? Manage and organize standardized and benchmark assessment data for data analysis.

? Analyze standardized and benchmark assessment data to make informed decisions about scholar progress and program implementation.

? Collaborate with Directors of Instruction, Special Education Coordinators and fellow classroom teachers to effectively implement RTI across the scholars learning experience.


? Measure scholar achievement of, and progress toward, the learning objectives and big goals with formative and summative assessment tools.

? Provide ongoing and timely feedback to scholars on their progress towards meeting big goals by frequently checking for understanding and listening.

? Use data to reflect on effectiveness of lessons and scholar achievement progress in order to improve instruction and personal practice.

? Use data to update each scholar's Individual Learning Plan.

Only serious, qualified professionals need apply.

? Valid Arkansas Teaching Certificate/License preferred

? Bachelor Degree required

? Prior Restorative Practices, Professional Learning Communities, and Response to Intervention (RTI) experience and/or training preferred


? Past experiences and actions reflect a commitment to the ALA mission, vision, core values

? Is willing to be a contributing, positive member of Professional Learning Communities; belief in the power of collaboration and works to build a collaborative culture within ALA, community, staff, families and scholars; displaying flexibility in an evolving educational environment.

? Possess a passion for helping kids and an unwavering belief that all scholars can learn.

? Professional at all times.

? Exudes energy, positive outlook, and a sense of humor.

? Demonstrated the ability to work with primary and intermediate grade level elementary scholars.

? Focus instruction on learning standards, building, and charter/district goals.

? Demonstrated ability to model, deliver, and craft rich scholar-centered learning experiences around content area(s) and a willingness to integrate disciplines.

? Collaborate with classroom teachers in the effective integration of various concepts.

? Design learning experiences and assessments that allow scholars to demonstrate whether or not they have learned the targeted standards.

? Focus on integration of critical thinking, creativity, innovation, and high complexity problem solving throughout the curriculum.

? Manage and organize all elements of teaching; instruction, assessment, classroom management, parent communication, grading/reporting, analyzing scholar work, etc.

? Maintain effective classroom management in a scholar-centered, positive environment.

? Build relationships with parents and other adults to assist scholar learning.

? Able to quickly learn and incorporate technology into teaching, learning, and assessment.

? Reflective educator, with a lifelong learning attitude, focused on continuous growth.

? Create a focused environment of fairness and respect that encourages scholars to take risks and strive to reach goals.

? Communicate and enforce high expectations and standards for behavior and academic performance, aligned with the ALA School Culture Guide and Responsive Classroom, to create a strong culture of achievement and respect.

? Establish, model, practice, and reinforce age-appropriate rules and logical consequences; create and consistently use individual behavioral management plans, as needed.

? Implement classroom procedures, systems, and routines that provide structure for scholars and maximize instructional time.


? Communicate respectfully and thoughtfully with parent/guardians remaining sensitive to different families' cultures, values and needs.

? Work collaboratively with parents/guardians, families, and other members of the community to involve them in academic activities and to support the success of a diverse scholar population and to bring in volunteers and additional resources.


? Collaborate with colleagues (grade level and school-wide meetings, Professional Learning Communities, professional development days, the professional development institute) to continuously improve personal practice, classroom instruction, assessment, and scholar achievement, as well as the overall goals and mission of the school and the network.

? Access meaningful learning experiences (current theory, research, and developments in relevant academic disciplines, professional development opportunities, and ideas from colleagues and supervisors) and exercises judgment in accepting findings as valid for application in classroom practice and teacher improvement.

? Reflect critically upon teaching experience; identify areas for further professional development as part of a professional development plan that is linked to grade level, school, and charter/district goals; access meaningful learning experiences; and listen thoughtfully to other viewpoints and respond constructively to suggestions and criticisms.

? Use feedback to update Individual Professional Development Plan.

? Fulfill all outlined and related functions professionally, timely and thoroughly.

Only serious, qualified professionals need apply.

Client-provided location(s): Pine Bluff, AR, USA
Job ID: Lighthouse-581524
Employment Type: Other