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Systems Integration and Test Engineer Senior - 35487

1 week agoBoston, MA

Job Description

Through the execution of this TO, the Government is seeking to research, analyze, assess, and develop new airdrop technologies as well as identify technical approaches and opportunities for technology transfer and integration with existing airdrop systems. Cargo and personnel airdrop technologies should focus on precision and conventional aerial delivery for all weights and off-set distances, including higher altitudes, high glide, and extended off-set powered systems. Technologies should also include affordable high altitude precision delivery systems, communications technologies, mobile computing technologies, and low cost Guidance, Navigation, and Control (GN&C) systems to include sensors, avionics, and software. In addition, technologies are required for compatible mission planning systems at various levels of integration with delivery platforms and aircraft to support all types of airdrops from all types of aircraft, manned and unmanned (e.g., Joint Precision Airdrop System (JPADS), Low Cost Aerial Delivery System (LCADS), Advanced Cargo Parachute Release System (ACPRS), High Altitude Low Opening Cargo Delivery, G-11, G-12, G-15, G-16, Dual Row Airdrop System (DRAS), T-11, T-11R, RA-1, Automatic Activation Device, Static Line Retrieval Device, and complimentary weather sensors and forecasting technologies for integration and use with mission planning and precision aerial delivery systems.

Job Duties:

  • Serve as an engineering consultant and technical expert on mission-critical infrastructure, systems, and equipment.
  • Apply professional knowledge of scientific and engineering concepts. principals, phenomena and relationships to: assess specific requirements, delineate appropriately engineered designs, and develop preliminary and final design plans, engineering specifications, cost estimates and procurement packages in support of the operation, preventive maintenance and repair of mechanical. electrical, plumbing, utility and mission critical systems and equipment.
  • Specify functional requirements, designs and tests components, analyzes designs, and integrates components.
  • Evaluate overall design effectiveness, cost, reliability, and safety. Designs, analyzes, configures, tests and troubleshoots systems, as well as providing project engineering/program management support, development and evaluation support and/or engineering/life cycle support of a complex nature in a narrow area of specification.
  • Conduct surveys and investigations at project sites to secure necessary data prior to initiating design work. Is a recognized authority in the field.
  • Work toward long-range goals.


Bachelors degree plus 12 years experience

Must have active Secret Clearance



Security Clearance: Secret
Telework - Not Eligible