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What to Do if You Already Feel Like 2015 is Off to a Bad Start

There’s something great that comes with the beginning of a new year. Renewed hope! Excitement! Joy!

But whether you already gave up on your health goals or completely procrastinated on many of the things you thought you’d get done before the ball dropped, it’s pretty easy to bungle that “new year, new you” thing within the first couple days of January.

So, how can you get back on track if you feel like 2015 is already off to a terrible start? We searched the web for awesome resources to help you rock it out no matter what.

  • Don’t worry: There’s actually psychology behind why you’re failing at resolutions. The good news? Some very simple steps can get you back on track in a snap. (Psychology Today)
  • What a lot of people don’t realize is that turning a new leaf means completely re-wiring your brain. (Forbes)
  • Instead of focusing on making one or two aspects of your life better, here’s a totally different approach: Optimize everything. (Fast Company)
  • If you’re really serious about getting on track, you’re going to have to get much more specific with your goals. (Harvard Business Review)
  • Another reason you might’ve veered off the path? You forgot to think negatively (yes, you read that correctly). (99U)
  • Sometimes, just a shift in how you word your goals can make a huge impact on whether or not you achieve them. (Pick the Brain)
  • It’s time to go big or go home: Go public with your goals. (Lifehacker)
  • Still not convinced that you can reach your goals? Just look at how successful people do it. (Marc and Angel Hack Life)

Need more help getting your year back on track? Check out our suggestions!

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