Hustler? Floater? Text-walker? Whether you stride, glide, tarry or speed, the way you move from point to point is a direct reflection of who you are—and the quickest way for a potential partner, colleague, or client to size up the way you work. Which of these five styles of walking fit your personality and what do they reveal about the way you work?


You are in no particular rush to get where you are going. Hurrying means giving up the chance to contemplate where you are at present, so you prefer to take in your surroundings as you stroll along. Whether you are noticing details around you or just mulling over other ideas, you are more interested in the journey than the destination. You might attribute your meandering to being creative, but in the workplace, it can be (mis)taken for a lack of focus or a disregard for deadlines.


You know you are fast because other people are always in your way. You are on a mission, and your goal is to get to where you’re going in the shortest time possible. Efficiency is everything in your world, and getting to where you’re headed usually means crossing the finish line first, even if you miss a few of the perspectives along the way. You like to think of yourself as direct, matter-of-fact, and hard-working, but professional contacts can also perceive you as too cut-and-dry and even brutal at times.


Thumbing and traveling from place to place simultaneously is your normal—it’s a great way to kill two birds with one stone. You are moving and getting things done wherever you find yourself. It saves both time and effort and keeps all the balls rolling. You like to think of yourself as the consummate multitasker, but take note—colleagues may actually see you as self-absorbed (blocked any sidewalks lately?) and unable to separate the personal realm from the world of work.


You see the world as your stage, and going from point A to point B gives you the chance to enlarge your audience. After all, who knows who you might run into en route? You are silently working the sidewalk, the street, the room, to grow your circle and get noticed. You know that networking gets you places beyond where you happen to find yourself, and you make it a point to constantly be making contact. Just keep in mind that, to your potential clients, your constant focus on others and what they offer can make you seem insincere and untrustworthy.


You don’t feel the need to stop at every light or always travel the same path as those around you. A little risk-taking never hurts, and picking a different direction than those around you can pay off big when done right. No one wants to spend all day in transit. You might consider yourself a risk-taker, but partners and people around you may sometimes think of you as a gambler instead—one who might win big but who may also cut corners or operate in the shadows when necessary.

How we walk is something we usually don’t give much thought, but it gives away a lot about us—from our internal motivation to the way we process information, to how we interact with those around us. Want to learn more about your professional contacts? Pay careful attention not just to the words they say, but also to the pep in their step.

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