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What Every Leader Should Know About Company Culture

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Famous motivational speaker Simon Sinek repeatedly preaches the importance of hiring people who believe what you believe. But when you get those incredible individuals together, how do you all collectively “form” the company? What are your common visions, goals, missions, and behaviors? What exactly is your company culture?

Whether you currently lead a team now or hope to in the future, thinking through this can be daunting. So, we searched the web for the best reads out there on how to create a company culture and fit it specifically to your organization.

  • Unsure of how to begin looking at company culture? There are four simple elements to take into account. (KISSmetrics)
  • If you’re afraid you haven’t defined your company’s culture soon enough, there are several things you can do now. (Fast Company)
  • Think business strategy is the most important thing for a money-making enterprise? Think again. (TLNT)
  • Not buying that culture is crucial for an organization? Read about five major companies that were saved by their core team values. (Globoforce)
  • Work for a huge corporation? You can still build company culture that brings the team together. (Inc.)
  • You don’t need to spend big bucks to keep your employees happy and your culture strong; all it takes is knowing one secret. (Pando Daily)
  • Google is an awesome example of an organization rocking company culture. (Mashable)
  • On the other hand, Apple has some mixed reviews of its internal (and very secretive) culture. (Business Insider)

Want more tips on how to make your company’s culture rock solid? Check out our suggestions!

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