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What Does the State You Live in Say About Your Personality?

How accurate are the phrases “the hospitable Southerner,” “the relaxed Californian,” or “the egomaniac New Yorker?” Are they simply a bundle of unreasonable stereotypes?

Truity Psychometrics, an online provider of scientific personality and career tests, surveyed 12,703 residents across the U.S. to determine if states really do have their unique personalities. And, it turns out they do—based on common traits, Truity categorized states into five personality clusters.

How would knowing state personalities advance your career, you ask? In a multitude of ways, really. Whether you’re a job seeker looking for companies filled with concrete thinkers or a recruiter searching for the hardworking, no-nonsense folks, this infographic shows you exactly where to look. For instance, the number of concrete thinkers is especially high in Illinois, North Dakota, and Indiana. As for the hardworking, no-nonsense folks (dubbed “The Producers”)? They’re clustered in states like Texas, New Jersey, and Florida.

Take a look at the full infographic to see whether your state personality matches your actual personality—or whether it’s time to consider relocating.

Infographic courtesy of Truity. Photo of state map courtesy of Shutterstock.