So, now that we’ve reached month #2 in 2012, how are those New Year’s resolutions coming? If you’re struggling to keep them up, maybe it’s time for a new strategy. And we’re bringing you just that!

In this quick video, Matt Cutts explains how he started giving himself monthly challenges—just one thing to do (or not do) for 30 days straight. The one-month challenge is perfect: It’s just long enough to make something into a habit, and just short enough to keep the momentum going the whole time and hold yourself accountable. Better yet, Cutts found that his small goals each month really added up to some big changes.

So if you’ve fallen off the bandwagon with your big resolution, don’t give up just yet. Try setting some smaller goals to work through for the rest of the year—one month at a time.

Home page photo and video courtesy of TED.