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This Boss Will Inspire You to Be a Better Boss, Starting Now

We get hundreds of emails every day here at The Muse. And we make it a point to read every single one of them. Some are really nice emails. Some are really mean. The point is, we see a ton of them, so it's not often that someone sends us something that makes us say, "Whoa! That's the best email we've ever seen!"

But the other week, we got an email from Muse reader Jillian Manko that was by far and away one of the greatest emails we've ever received.

It started off normal enough:

My name is Jillian Manko and I work at Cannon Harbor Associates, a recruiting agency in Baltimore, MD. The President of my company, Bernie Cannon, has all of his employees subscribe to all of your information; we are subscribed via LinkedIn and email and have even linked our personal Facebook pages to stay up to date on all of your posts.

Every day we talk about what the latest post is about and how to relate it to the company. We send all of our candidates articles from your page during the entire hiring process, from resume editing to interview etiquette, and then periodically follow up with them on tips to make the most of their job, time, and experience in their new position, making the transition as easy as possible.

Okay, aside from this being a shameless plug encouraging every office to use The Muse like this, that part seemed like just another email. Then she wrote this:

Bernie has proven to be a successful young leader, not just a boss. He is understanding to us and makes us feel like we are a team, even though he is obviously above us. He works with us in any position to make sure we are as professional and successful as possible while teaching us how to do well on our own for our careers by giving us projects we feel passionate about and to help our community through volunteering with organizations that we feel close to.

The reason I am telling you all of this is because March 30 is Bernie's birthday, and we would love to give him a shout-out on your page. We think that would be the ultimate gift for him to show him how much we appreciate and love working for him.

So, why are we sharing this with you? For starters, we love birthdays and wanted to give a special shout-out to Bernie, who seems like the best boss in the world.

But more importantly, we love this and want to share it because it's inspiring. After all, work isn't just about getting a job done between the hours of 9 and 5. It's about the people you work with and about creating an environment where people are happy, learning, and growing. And that's something we should all remember.

Thanks for the reminder, Bernie. And happy birthday from everyone at The Muse.

Do you work for a boss you like this much? Are you a boss or manager who inspires your team this much? Tell us in the comments section!