We’re all hyper-aware of what habits we need to break in our personal lives, like skipping breakfast or checking email at the table.

But bad habits in our professional lives are less obvious—and thus more insidious. That’s why we’ve collected the best resources on the web for spotting and breaking your worst work habits.

  1. Want a short and simple guide to getting rid of bad behavior? Read this. (Wall Street Journal)

  2. Look out for these 14 bad habits that could cost you your job. (Forbes)

  3. Here’s how your manager feels about your ways. (Harvard Business Review)

  4. Isolating yourself is one of the most harmful habits out there. (Halogen Software)

  5. Are you guilty of leaving the office not knowing what you’ll tackle the next day? (Boston.com)

  6. Learn the habits your colleagues seriously despise. (Monster.com)

  7. While we’re at it, here are the bad business habits that make you hate your company. (Mike Michalowicz)

  8. These true tales of bad habits from bosses will make you cringe. (Forbes)

  9. Why bad habits mean great people can have not-so-great careers. (Society of Professional Journalists)

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