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The Tool That Will Make Your Job Search Totally Doable (and Even Fun)

Finding a new job is a big goal. It can be hard to know where to start. It can seem overwhelming. And it’s easy to find yourself feeling stuck and unsure of what to do next to move forward.

Well, just as with any big goal, it can help to break it down into smaller steps that feel more tangible—more doable. And thanks to the help of the brilliant site 50 Ways to Get a Job That Makes Good, you can now do just that for your job search.

The beautifully designed (oh, and free) site lets you choose which stage of your job search you’re in—from “finding my purpose” to “networking” to “overwhelmed”—and then gives you a selection of short, actionable activities that will move you toward your ultimate goal. You can start wherever you’d like and tackle as many tasks as you choose—think of it as a job search choose-your-own-adventure.

The activities vary from reading a certain book or website to making a list of skills you want to learn to organizing your job search in a spreadsheet. Some of our favorites include updating LinkedIn as your future self, building your portfolio as if you were an artist, practicing four different ways of introducing yourself, and starting to work for a company without telling it. You can check an activity off once it’s done, or even have the site send you an email reminder to do it a few days down the road.

Dav Aujla, the creator of the site, is careful to remind people that there’s no magic bullet for getting a job. But, he explains, “if you commit to doing every exercise, with authenticity, serious effort, hustle, and follow through, you will discover your path, find your ideal career, and get hired.”

And even if you don’t choose to tackle each to-do? At the very least, you’ll be a few steps closer to your next big thing.