Meet Sam. We met him during our lunch break (just one of the many reasons we love New York City) and he was kind enough to chat with us for a few minutes about a big career change he made.

Sam went to grad school for engineering “back in the day” and stayed in that industry for quite some time. After a while, though, he realized he wanted to switch gears and set out on a different career path, explaining: “It was a tough and pretty terrifying decision because I had stability and security at my then current company. It’s hard to walk away from that and take an unfamiliar risk.”

Even so, he went for it, making the leap from engineering to finance, which he was (and still is) much more passionate about. When we asked Sam what advice he’d give to someone seeking a major career change, he had pretty great things to say:

“Really dive into your skill sets to decide where you want to go next. Also, invest time into learning new skills—through classes, books, or mentors. And networking! Go out and make genuine, meaningful connections with people and learn from others. That’s where you’ll find those serendipitous connections that will help you not only find new doors of opportunity, but the courage to open them and explore them.”

We’re so glad we met you, Sam.